Stranger Things: Ranking Eleven's 10 Best Outfits

When you think of Stranger Things, the costumes are the last thing on your mind. Between psychic powers, some mad 80s nostalgia, and the Cold War, we’ve already got enough for our brains to juggle. But wow, Eleven looked adorable in Stranger Things 3!

Looking back, Eleven’s wardrobe choices usually tend to reflect something in her character. The Season 1 clothes made her look like an outsider while in Season 3, Eleven clearly has her own sense of style and by extension, a better sense of self.

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Shouting out to all of the cosplayers, here are Eleven’s best outfits.

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10 The Grey Shirt & Jeans

Listen. The curly hair is adorable.

By far, this is the simplest Eleven outfit. The fun of it is guessing which pieces were created for the show and which are actually vintage. Wow, is it weird calling fashion from the mid-80s “vintage.” It was literally 30 years ago.

This is probably the easiest outfit to cosplay, but it’s not exactly iconic or as easily recognizable like some of the other ones. You might just end up looking like a tall child who burns the candle at both ends.

9 Eleven’s Moving Clothes

This outfit carries more symbolism in it than cosplay potential. She wore this outfit at the beginning of the mall episode. This could be seen as a return to form, that Eleven took a journey to find herself and managed to find something in the familiar. 

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Some fans have also interpreted this as Eleven’s way of grieving. These are clothes Hopper bought for her, not ones Eleven bought for herself. Eleven’s taste is vibrant and colorful, Hopper’s is more conservative and muted. However you read it, this choice was entirely deliberate and meant to be symbolic.

8 That Season 3 Poster

Yes, those high-waisted pants! This is a great example of plain not being boring. It’s literally just a purple t-shirt, striped pants, and a belt. That’s it. But waistlines make all the difference in the world, especially when you’re shorter.

It’s unfortunate that we didn’t see Eleven in this one for long, especially with it on the main poster for Season 3 as well as Eleven’s character poster. Oh well.

7 The Runaway Outfit

Season 2 didn’t see Eleven in a lot of different outfits, but secretly being adopted by Hopper had her going beyond Nancy’s dress and jacket. We’re not entirely sure where Hopper got clothes from, but they aren’t typical for girls of the 80s. And that’s totally fine, because Eleven isn’t a typical 80s girl.

Eleven’s clothing choice was practical for what she needed. In a way, it kind of represents her link to home, even though she’s still figuring out what home is.

6 The Splatter Shirt & Blue Suspenders

If this doesn’t scream the 80s, then nothing does. Seriously, no one goes that hard on the neon anymore, but it all just kind of works?

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The suspenders pop out enough from the shirt without overwhelming your eyes with color and somehow, the yellow scrunchie doesn’t look out of place. This has to have a high cosplay-ibility. Please?

5 The Yellow Shirt & Black Pants

Maybe this one’s so great because it’s the one Eleven wore the longest during Season 3. There’s something about it that really pops, especially during the scenes where Eleven wanders the astral plane. The stark contrast of yellow on black is all the more prominent during these scenes. And this was one of those rare cases where slow-motion being used in a mundane sequence looked awesome.

Also, there aren’t a whole lot of people who can pull off that shade of yellow so well.

4 The Snowball Dress

This dress is the first glimpse we get into who Eleven is. It’s not something you fully realize in the moment, it just looks like a cute dress appropriate for a middle school dance. But that’s the first time we see Eleven in vibrant colors, a style she prefers. Maybe Hopper let her pick out the dress, because that’s definitely not something he’d typically dress Eleven in.

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It’s also been cosplayed a lot. Right up there with the pink dress and the Eggo waffles.

3 Nancy’s Pink Dress

Probably the most iconic of Eleven’s outfits, we need to give a shout out to the original disguise. Seriously, if you Google “Eleven Stranger Things,” the pink dress is the first picture that pops up.

When Eleven first shows up in Hawkins, Mike makes sure she has a new look to go out and about. The full outfit includes the blonde wig, covering Eleven’s shaved head, though it’s a 50/50 if a cosplayer goes for the blonde or brunette version. And wow, was it satisfying to see Eleven scare off some bullies in the “girliest” outfit imaginable. Instilling such visceral fear into others while wearing a cute, frilly dress is honestly Goals.

2 Punk Eleven

This one gets props for presenting Eleven with the most badass entrance ever. Everything about Punk Eleven is so much fun, from the slicked-back hair to the massive amounts of eyeliner. It’s a visual representation of her internal struggle, wearing a mask in hopes of figuring out who she is. 

Eleven does some questionable things in this time period too but ultimately decides that she doesn’t want revenge for what happened. She wants to move on, live her life, and that means going back home and saving her idiot friends from the Upside Down.

1 The Mall Romper

Bad 80s fashion aside, this romper was all kinds of adorable and fun. Probably the most impressive part is that Eleven only wears this for maybe half of the episode. It’s such a standout piece that fans have flocked to it. As of now, it’s still out of stock on

We could probably look too deep into this and draw comparisons about the later aesthetics of Eleven searching for Billy in a sea of black and Eleven being the only point of color on a black backdrop (since she’s wearing outfit #5 by then), but that’s a little too much. Instead, we’ll just appreciate how well Millie Bobby Brown wears that 80s romper and all aspire to have as much fashion-related courage as Eleven.

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