Stranger Things: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Eleven

Eleven is one of the coolest characters to have ever been brought to life on any Netflix show, let alone just Stranger Things. As the third season approaches just in time for Sci-Fi July and fans speculate what this coming-of-age summer will mean for Eleven and her friends in the nostalgic series, all of the issues with the character can't be ignored.

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Many of the things that make no sense about Eleven are attributed to her unique circumstances, age, and powers, but some of them could have been easily caught and remedied by the Duffer Brothers and their team. Hopefully some of these issues will be resolved this July.

10 She Shoved Max Off Her Skateboard

Stranger Things 3 Trailer - Max and Eleven

When the Duffer Brothers tried to insert a bit of romantic rivalry between Eleven and newcomer Max Mayfield over Mike in season two, it came off as inauthentic and in bad taste. While it makes sense for Eleven to be excited to see Mike, she shouldn't be socialized enough to experience jealousy the same way tweens who've spent years attending school might.

Even if she felt jealousy in the moment, she certainly wouldn't hurt someone who hadn't harmed her or her friends by telekinetically shoving them off a skateboard in motion. It was petty and cruel, particularly in a series that already hasn't done much for female friendships.

9 She Traveled From Chicago To Hawkins In An Episode

Anyone from a small town can vouch that a first trip to a large city can be overwhelming, even for adults. Yet Eleven adapted quickly to traveling, making incredible time that just doesn't make sense. While Indiana and Illinois aren't far from each other, a tween girl traveling that far alone for the first time isn't likely to make it that far in between a single episode, especially since the show treats episodes as if they are each a day in time.

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Eleven doesn't have teleportation skills, at least since the last time fans checked, and her presences seems to have been whisked away mostly to ensure she wouldn't be there to save everyone in Hawkins in time.

8 She Survived The Upside Down

When Eleven took out the Demogorgon in the first season finale, fans wondered if she'd truly survived or not. Thankfully, she's witnessed pushing out from the dimension back at school, relatively unharmed. But she should have been harmed, if not destroyed, in the Upside Down.

This shouldn't have happened for the plot, since it's much better with Eleven in it, but per simple logic. After employing her abilities harder than ever before, she should have been in a weakened state, making her easy pickings for anything in the dark world that came across her. She also doesn't seem to have the slug issue that both Will and Barb had after their time in the toxic world without protection.

7 She's Left Alone In A Cabin In The Woods

David Harbour as Hopper in Stranger Things

First, Hopper apparently feeds Eleven like a dog, leaving waffles for her in the woods. That's pretty outrageous as it is, but then he spends a year hiding her in the woods like a weirdo and we don't see him even attempt to homeschool her (there were plenty of homeschoolers in the 80s). What makes matters worse is that he knows how miserable this makes her, yet he takes away the TV, her only companion, as a punishment with seeming regularity. This is almost abusive behavior toward a kid he cares about.

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While it's obvious that this is Hopper's first rodeo when it comes to parenting a tween, he's been a police chief long enough to understand a few things that adolescents need. This is the time in Eleven's life when friends become of the utmost importance, and he could at least secretly bring them to visit.

6 There's No Telekinetic Battle Between Eleven And The Demogorgon

In the first season, the Demogorgon is shown having telekinetic powers similar to Eleven's as it unlocks a chain lock from the other side after Will Byers attempts to hide from the monster. These powers are just abandoned, as we never witness the creature using the mind skills again.

Why not keep those in the show to use in an even more intense showdown with Eleven? It makes sense to not use them at all, since it's already going up against a bunch of kids whose odds are stacked against them, but then why even introduce the idea in the first place?

5 She's Barely Used In The Second Season

Aside from the episode where Eleven finds her mother and, later, Eight, and then the season finale in which she rushes to the rescue and saves the day at the last minute, Eleven is barely even used during the second season. This is a tragedy after she had so much development during the first season, resulting in many missed opportunities.

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After Eleven's parallel journey to the Phoenix Saga of X-Men lore, fans were hoping first for her return, but also her maximum involvement in the show as its most interesting character. Some even theorized that she'd embark on a dark path, much like the Phoenix, and become the villain. Instead, she was reduced to an almost deus ex machina status.

4 "The Lost Sister" Should Not Have Even Been A Thing

stranger things eight kali

"The Lost Sister" episode in season two makes no sense. Disconnected from the rest of the season, it felt like a disjointed venture into possible spin-off territory, which is a huge mistake when you only have nine episodes to deliver your material to begin with. Eleven's parental curiosity was one thing, but sending her to Chicago to join a strange gang of teenagers just didn't work.

What's even a greater shame is that these characters and their stories could have been a compelling part of Eleven's world had they been better introduced and integrated. They just didn't fit with this season and Eleven should have had scenes that better connected her with the rest of the cast.

3 She's Eager To Leave Her Mom

Eleven leaves the safety of Hopper's cottage on a quest to find her mother, whom she quickly leaves for more answers as soon as she learns about the existence of Kali (Eight). While it makes sense that she would want answers and to meet the girl she'd grown up with, why would she do so immediately after finding her mother?

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Even in a catatonic state, Terry still represents the mother that Eleven never had, aside from the kindness and affection Joyce Byers briefly bestowed upon her in the first season. It seems as if she'd rather stick around and try to communicate with her mother, or even simply be in her presence, after missing the figure for so long in her life.

2 Where Her Powers Come From

One of the many things that makes no sense about Eleven is one that we may never get an answer to, since arbitrarily giving people special abilities is a frequent tactic employed in science fiction. Modern audiences tend to be more unforgiving regarding this tendency and many fans are still curious to know exactly where Eleven's abilities originated.

Are they simply hereditary? Are they strictly from the hallucinogenic drugs given to her mother, and if so, why doesn't everyone taking drugs in the 80s have powers as well? (Perhaps they will in season three!) Where do Eleven's powers come from, and what are their exact limitations?

1 She Escaped From Hawkins Lab

Eleven Stranger Things

The fact that Eleven even escaped from Hawkins Lab during the first season remains one of the biggest issues that makes no sense in the show. It's implied that she got out during the chaos that ensued from the Demogoron's arrival, but if that's true, surely the team would have been hyper focused on maintaining the security of their secret weapon.

Given how naive and innocent Eleven is as she stumbles around Hawkins, it's not likely that she had the wherewithal to devise an escape plan, either. It would seem as if someone would have noticed her disappearance much sooner and caught her before she got very far, and we're left wondering how this really went down.

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