Stranger Things Star Expects the Show to Run 4-5 Seasons

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Although there hasn't been any official confirmation, Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo believes Netflix's hit series will last approximately four to five seasons. It wasn't long after Stranger Things premiered last year that audiences were clamoring for another season, and while we're getting a second season later this year, people have been wondering: just how long with the series last?

The problem with many shows is that they tend to start off strong -- with an intriguing concept -- yet they continue long past their prime, and therefore, limp their way into an unsatisfying conclusion (see: Prison Break, Dexter, LOST). That's something that the creatives behind Stranger Things want to avoid. The Duffer Brothers have previously stated that they have already begun planning beyond the upcoming second season, and that they envision the show to last about four to five seasons -- but also that, since "everything changes" as they move forward with the series, so might the number of seasons they plan on making.

The Duffer Brothers have remained silent on the matter ever since they broke that news earlier this year. But it looks like, despite progressing with the story and getting closer to the second season's premiere, the plan remains for there to be about four to five seasons, according to series star Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin. Speaking with Paste Magazine, Matarazzo revealed that he thinks there are only a few seasons of Stranger Things left, as the cast/crew don't want to overstay their welcome:

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"Well, the Duffers definitely have a good idea of how long they want it to go. The problem with a lot of shows is that they start out really strong and then decline as they run out of ideas. I know they don’t want it to go that way, so I think their max might be—this isn’t confirmed or anything—but four or five seasons at the most?"

We're still four months away from Stranger Things' season 2 premiering, so there's much we still don't know about the new season. However, some details have begun trickling in, such as David Harbour's fan-favorite Detective Hopper being involved with covering up the events of last season, something that was teased in the first season's finale episode. Furthermore, last season, much of the horror took place off-screen in the Upside-Down world, thereby turning the bulk of the first season into a mystery series. While those elements will likely still be present next season, some of the cast members have stated that the horror will be more up-close and personal this time around.

Although the creatives know where they want to go with the series, that doesn't mean they aren't going to be taking any risks. Series producer Shawn Levy previously stated that some audiences may be disappointed with the direction they're taking, but may find themselves satisfied in the end. Audiences should expect to find out more about the upcoming season when the next trailer debuts; perhaps at San Diego Comic-Con, next month?

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres on Netflix on October 31, 2017.

Source: Paste Magazine

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