Stranger Things Coming to Dungeons & Dragons This Spring

Dungeons and Dragons Stranger Things Starter Set

Dungeons & Dragons is crossing over with one of the most popular television series in recent memory. Hasbro announced earlier this week that the company would be producing a Stranger Things Starter Set for its Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game, with a release date of May 1, 2019.

Dungeons & Dragons has been around for decades, but has been experiencing a resurgence as tabletop gaming continues to thrive. Part of that renaissance is likely owed to the existence of Stranger Things, as the show leaned heavily on Hasbro's property to tell the story of season one's adventure into the Upside Down. Becoming the centerpiece of one of the hottest Netflix properties didn't harm the game's reputation, and Wizards of the Coast, the original developer of the board game, has capitalized on that sudden interest by producing several tie-ins. Dungeons & Dragons recently had players visit a Magic: The Gathering setting to coincide with the releases of the Guilds of Ravnica expansion.

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The new Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set will contain everything players need to engage in a themed adventure from the show. Players will be able to experience the Dungeons & Dragons adventure that Stranger Things character Mike Wheeler created for his friends in season one. Players will be able to choose between Will the Wise, Dustin the Dwarf, and more as they embark on a journey to a strange castle that houses the iconic Demogorgon. Part of the product description suggests players "prepare for just about anything," so it sounds as though the Starter Set will embrace its Stranger Things roots.

Dungeons and Dragons Stranger Things

The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set will include an adventure book, rulebook, 5 character sheets, 6 dice, a Demogorgon figure, and a paintable Demogorgon figure for those who like a little bit of extra customization in their lives. The set will retail for $24.99 and will be available in late spring, just in time to avoid all the nice weather in favour of playing through a campaign in someone's basement. It's also described as being very friendly to new players, which is important, since it's possible many Stranger Things fans could be enticed to give the game a try thanks to the tie-in.

Demogorgon D&D

For Dungeons & Dragons, it's another feather in the cap of a game that looks to be slowly evolving into a pop culture phenomenon - for the second time in its illustrious history. For Stranger Things, it's a reminder to fans that the television show has the potential to span various forms of media, and that as long as there's pop culture involved, Stranger Things will find a way to contribute. If this is the start of more themed Dungeons & Dragon content, Hasbro couldn't have picked a better springboard, and we'll have to see if the adventure holds up later this year.

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