Dead Stranger Things Characters Reunite In Hilarious Video

Bob Newby and the Hendersons' cat Mews return from the dead, and try to deal with their grief, in this hilarious Stranger Things video. In the world of Stranger Things, there's nothing more deadly than being a secondary character whose name starts with the letter "B." Season 1 touched off the curse with the death of Barb, the fan-favorite character whose untimely demise triggered the #JusticeforBarb movement.

Season 2 saw the arrival of a new "B" character in kindly Radio Shack employee Bob Newby (Sean Astin), who became a new love interest for Joyce (Winona Ryder). Unlike Barb, Bob got to stick around for awhile during the season, and even pitched in to help fight the show's supernatural threat. Ultimately, Bob suffered the same fate as Barb - but at least he first got a chance to prove his heroic character.

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In a new video from Netflix, superhero Bob returns from the dead to join in with fans for a Stranger Things season 2 re-watch. And he's got a friend: the cat Mews, who of course died at the hands of Dustin's Upside Down pal Dart. Bob and Mews seem to be enjoying a rather peaceful afterlife, complete with a Netflix subscription, but nevertheless they're still dealing with the traumatic aftermath of being brutally killed by creatures from another dimension. Can re-watching his own death help Bob cope with no longer being corporeal? See the clip above.

Unfortunately, Bob will not be back for Stranger Things season 3 (unless the writers pull off an amazing twist). But the rest of our favorites will return, including Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), whose coming-of-age will reportedly serve as the season's main focus. The season will also see a bigger role for season 2 fan favorite Erica (Priah Ferguson). And in keeping with the show's habit of casting popular '80s actors, Cary Elwes reportedly will join the cast, along with Jake Busey (not himself a popular '80s actor, but the son of one, which is close enough).

Filming on Stranger Things season 3 began in late April, and already we've been treated to our first look. When the show does return - and it may not return until 2019 - producers promise a season that will balance creepiness and heart. And we will also get more "Dad Steve," which means more bonding with Dustin via hair-care tips. We'll have to wait and see what kind of monsters arrive in Hawkins this time around. And whether the curse of the "B" characters will carry on.

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