Stranger Things: 10 Best Team-Ups, Ranked

A consistent trend throughout all three seasons of Stranger Things is the characters splitting off into various groups. Everyone goes on a separate adventure that manages to somehow come together in the end for a spectacular finish. Sometimes it's all the kids together, sometimes it's just the adults, others are romantic pairing, and some are seemingly random but work tremendously.

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We've seen so many different mash-ups of characters since the series began that it can be difficult to pick a favorite. However, we've watched back through all 25 episodes to relive these awesome groups and selected the ten that are the best. The positions are chosen based on their entertainment value, chemistry, and how much they accomplished together.

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10 The Party

The quartet of Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers are the first group we ever see on Stranger Things. They're playing Dungeons & Dragons and viewers get a good sense of how their friendship works. That friendship drives Will, Dustin, and Lucas to search for Will when he goes missing.

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The name of their team unofficially becomes "The Party" in Season Three. Unfortunately, these guys don't get much time to have adventures together. Will spent two seasons either in the Upside Down or possessed, and Dustin was separated from them in Season Three. Still, they make the list because their relationship is a key part of the show and we love the scenes they get to share.

9 Mike And Eleven

Considering how much this teenage romance means to the show, some might be surprised to find it this low. There's a connection between Mike and Eleven from the moment he sees her. Watching Mike explain the little things in the world to her in Season One is endearing.

The reunion between Mike and Eleven at the end of Season Two is one of the sweetest moments of the series. What holds this pairing back from ranking higher is their limited time together. Even after their reunion, Season Three broke them up quickly. However, when they were together later in the season, we get some really good teamwork from the duo.

8 Alexei And Murray

Nobody saw this one coming. In Season Three, fans were introduced to Alexei, a Russian scientist who was forced to work on opening the door to the Upside Down under Starcourt Mall. He seemed like a character just there to give us insight into what was happening on the Russian side of things.

Instead, Alexei became a beloved Slurpee-sipping character. He ended up making quick friends with paranoid recluse Murray, who acted as his translator. Together, they helped Joyce and Hopper get one step closer to saving the world. But they're mostly on the list because they were so much fun together.

7 The Hawkins Lab Team

No, we aren't talking about the workers at Hawkins Lab. This is the group that went there during the show's second season. The awesome Bob figured out that Will's strange drawings were a map of Hawkins. The two of them, Joyce, and Mike used it to save Hopper from the Upside Down.

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With Will's insides burning up due to his connection to the Upside Down, that whole team went to Hawkins Lab. There, they were tricked into letting in Demodogs. What made this group work was how great it was to see this blend of adults and kids come together. And, of course, there was the fact that it gave us Bob's heroic ending.

6 Nancy And Jonathan

Nancy and Jonathan have gone off on their own adventure in each of the show's three seasons. Each of those times, their efforts have mixed in with what everyone else was doing, making them a key part of the final conflict.

During their first partnership, Nancy became the first character to successfully return from the Upside Down. In Season Two, they traveled out of state to expose Hawkins Lab and get justice for Barb. And in Season Three, their investigation of the rats led them to Billy. They work as a perfect middle ground between the kids and the adults.

5 Eleven And Max

The first time Eleven sees Max, jealousy flames up within her and she uses her powers to knock her off a skateboard. When Max introduces herself in the Season Two finale, Eleven ignores her. But when Eleven suspects Mike is lying to her in Season Three, she heads straight to Max. And a friendship blossoms.

It begins as just two girls going shopping and spending quality time at the mall. It's when they begin using Eleven's powers to look into Billy that they become a duo who also furthered the story. Eleven doesn't hold many people close, but Max quickly earned a spot there.

4 Dustin And Steve

Dustin and Steve are indeed fantastic together. It's a bromance that came from out of nowhere. It helped turn Steve from a likeable character into a lovable one. He immediately bonded with Dustin and took him under his wing, giving advice about girls and hair products.

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Dustin and Steve were a formidable team against Dart and even better when the rest of the gang joined them. Steve acted as a protective babysitter/parent. We all loved when Dustin did up his hair like Steve for the Snow Ball and we rejoiced at the excitement they showed when seeing each other for the first time in months. The only thing that made them better was the addition of some new friends.

3 Hopper And Joyce

Like Nancy and Jonathan, this is a team that has had a major impact on the story in each season. Joyce and Hopper journeyed to find Eleven's mother. They were the ones to travel to the Upside Down to rescue Will. It was Joyce who saved Hopper from the Upside Down. Together, they found the Russian base in Season Three.

What truly makes this pairing special is how much they rely on one another. When Joyce fretted about Will being taken over by the Mind Flayer, she called Hopper. When he didn't know how to talk to Eleven about her relationship with Mike, it was Joyce that he turned to. They're each other's shoulder to lean on.

2 Eleven And Hopper

This was a perfect pairing that we should have seen coming but didn't. A lot was made in Season One about Hopper having a daughter who passed away. Eleven showed up with no parents and in need of guidance. Hopper taking her in between Seasons One and Two was incredibly sweet. It sparked a loving father/daughter relationship.

Their scenes together are always special. From them listening to music as he tried to make her feel comfortable to working together to close the door to the Upside Down and everything in between. It's all great. They have an emotional bond and their work together is integral to the story. An ideal team.

1 The Scoop Troop

As we said, the only way to improve the Dustin and Steve team was to add to it. Season Three saw them joined by Steve's Scoops Ahoy! coworker Robin and Lucas' little sister Erica. Steve, Dustin, and Robin translated a Russian message and needed Erica's tiny frame to go through the vents to infiltrate their base.

This quartet succeeded in one of the bravest missions to ever take place on Stranger Things. Most importantly, that did it with flair. Their adventures were both hilarious and heartwarming. Steve and Robin becoming friends, while Erica and Dustin bonded over being nerdy. When they were dubbed the Scoop Troop in the finale, it was perfect.

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