Stranger Things: 10 Incredible Fan Art Pictures That Take Us Back To The '80s

Stranger Things is finally returning for its third season this summer (July 4th to be exact) and fans could not be more ecstatic. In fact, Netflix just released their promotional poster which gives into that 1980's summer vibe that is to be the setting for the show's upcoming season. The offbeat story that follows the likes of Will, Dustin, Eleven and the rest of the Hawkins gang into the void of the Upside Down promises to bring

Nostalgia has been a profitable marketing tool when it comes to television and films these days, and Stranger Things hold no exception. Fans relish the return of the '80s themed easter eggs in the show which no doubt adds to its success. Fans are so enamored with the entire premise of the show that they've created their own works of art to show their appreciation. So to further amp you up for the upcoming Stranger Things season, here are 10 incredible fan Art pictures that take us back to the 80s.

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10 Stranger Danger

Whoa. This fan art is giving off serious Carrie vibes. Artist Austen Mengler questions the idea of what would happen if Elven were to be taken into the Upside Down to face the Demogorgon. This artwork seems to depict an outcome where eleven would take control over the monster, potentially acting as its master. Could this be a potential arc for season three?

Whatever may come to be in the upcoming season, this artwork shows incredible talent. Austen painted on his this while traveling to Supanova Comic Con & Gaming convention. He actually met Millie Bobby Brown (who portrays Eleven) there and managed to get his art printed and framed which he gave to the actress as a gift.

9 Will

Ruiz Burgos really honed in on the 80s theme with this pencil sketch digital fan art. The yellowing school notepad pages really give this piece a unique angle and help to make the character's color pop. This one of Will Byers looks really cool and thankfully Ruiz has the entire Stranger Things ensemble depicted this way!

Ruiz has a nest of talent on his Deviant page, touching in fandoms like Stars Wars and DC Comic characters. One of his most popular art pieces is a movie poster of the 1998 film The Big Lebowski.

8 Joyce Byers

This artist focused their traditional art of Joyce Byers, who is played by acclaimed 80s actress Winona Ryder. Obviously, Ryder has brought out work since her 1980s rise to fame, most notably for her appearance in Edward Scissorhands and Little Women. She plays Joyce the mother of Will Byers in the Netflix science-fiction series. She's depicted as fierce and somewhat deadly, as any mother who loses a child to an otherworldly demon would be.

This fan art is an ominous representation from the first season where Joyce takes matters, literally, into her own hands. The dark shadows in addition to Joyce's distinguished features appropriately give in to the show's grim setting. The juxtaposition with the colorful lights in the background, however, play into the shows light-hearted scenes that simply follow a group of adventurous kids.

7 Stranger Things Redux

This digital airbrush fan art looks like it was plucked off of the walls of a 1980s teenage room. The psychedelic colors give ample representation to the decade and present all the titular characters from Stranger Things' second season. The black light color scheme looks totally rad, dude.

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Hero For Pain is a digital artist who has individual works for each of the characters from this show. He has a pixelated Dustin piece that is true to 80s culture that's worth checking out as well! His other works are generally inspired by Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.

6 The Upside Down

This is another piece of traditional art that was handmade by one talented artist. The paradox that represents the kids in an ordinary Hawkins, Indiana setting compared to wills predicament in the Upside Down is daunting, to say the least.

Corrine Roberts did a fantastic job of showcasing each character outward thoughts, such as Mike's feelings towards Eleven and her focus on what she can see happening in the other dimension. This season one artwork is only one of many in Corrine's gallery. She also likes to focus her attention on fandoms such as Harry Potter and Disney characters.

5 Eleven

Yes, this is actually a piece of digital artwork--not a screenshot of Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven. This almost real looking piece just goes to show how far artists can go in the realm of digital art. Kaitlin Cooper made this piece, stating that she is currently obsessed with the show. That much must be true, as the amount of detail that goes into her work has got to be a direct result of watching the show closely and on repeat, which only an avid fan would do.

Kaitlin is amazing at portrait pieces as proven through her gallery work. She has also dabbled in fandoms such as Game of Thrones and Orange Is The New Black.

4 Dustin

P1xer has a few mind-blowing Stranger Things pieces on his docket, but his airbrush painting of Dustin really captures the eye. The coloring seems to be consistent with the quality you might have seen on a 1980s television set: a little bit dim with random bits of color. He calls this one "Chocolate Dustin" presumably because of its brown layover coloring. This fan art looks exactly like Gaten Matarazzo, who plays the fun-loving character on the show.

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Be sure to check out other Stranger Things art from this painter; his Eleven features are particularly mesmerizing.

3 Jancy

Siarina made this beautiful art after the first season finished. She wanted to express her excitement for the upcoming second season by presenting this work of Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler. The color and the colorization are both unique on their own, but together they give off a bit of a Jetson's cartoon vibe. Siarina's work is extremely versatile, though her most popular art is similar to this piece where her subject's body dimensions are unbalanced.

2 Tim Burton Gang

This ink and watercolor concoction was created by Tally Todd, who used the animation from Tim Burton as inspiration. And what could be stranger than Tim Burton? Although Burton's work is associated more with 90s culture, it makes sense to use this style since Burton worked directly with Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. But also, it just looks really cool.

Tally Todd mostly showcases the odd and eerie, with most of them appearing to be original works of art.

1 Stranger Blings

Amongst all the incredible and alluring artwork on the internet, there is always one jokester who comes up with parodies like this one. Stranger Blings is a spin-off anyone could get behind. It would feature a young Eleven who makes her dough selling her own line of waffles. What do you think?

This punny artwork is only one of the best in Ry-Spirit's gallery. He has some really great reimagines of Pokemon and some breathtaking pictures of characters from Into The Spiderverse. 

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