Stranger Things & Coca-Cola Reviving New Coke As Season 3 Tie-In

Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things and Coca-Cola are teaming up to bring back New Coke with a very 80s influenced ad. The series' third season will take viewers back to Hawkins, Indiana, where the show's main group of spirited teens dig a little deeper into the spooky happenings surrounding their small town. Unlike its predecessors, the new season will be released on July 4 instead of during the Halloween season, with the show taking place in the summer of 1985. It's a setting filled with more fun-in-the-sun rather than ghosts and ghouls, but a few shots from the trailer show that the kids have more in store for them this time around than just the Starcourt Mall and some Fourth of July sparks.

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Netflix's sci-fi hit is one that's had a lot of fun marketing their series in creative fashions that pay homage to the world of 80's entertainment. Building up to the release of its first full trailer, the show dropped a couple teasers to whet the appetite of fans who were eager to see where the show would be heading next. The first of these ads was for the newly established Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, where Steve now works at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop. Then, they released a televised spot for Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve in 1985, which featured a countdown, cryptic coding, and the signature flip of the screen signifying a return to the upside down. Now, Coca-Cola wants in on the marketing fun.

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Coca-Cola took to Twitter to share another 80's influenced ad for the series that simultaneously helps promote their revamped drink, New Coke. The video kicks off with Lucas and Max at a soda machine sharing a coke, then cuts to Mike and Eleven kissing, and ends with Steve and Dustin sitting down, Coke's in hand, for a feature presentation. The ad is bright, bubbly, and loaded with 80's nostalgia... until the music stops and the powers goes out, revealing the Coca-Cola logo in Stranger Things' signature flipped font. Check out the video below:

New Coke isn't inherently "new", the drink existed in 1985 and was actually a major flop for the company. Coca-Cola wound up pulling it from the shelves after a couple of months due to negative reactions from consumers. Bringing the drink back for a limited time was an idea from Stranger Things' creators Matt and Ross Duffer, who thought it'd be a fun way to promote the show's upcoming third season. This isn't the first time that Coca-Cola has partnered up with the entertainment industry either, they recently created Coke products designed for Disney's Star Wars theme park, Galaxy's Edge as well.

Stranger Things' marketing is not just a nostalgic thrill ride infused with 80s flair, it's a fun and exciting way to keep fans intrigued about the upcoming season and excited to see what comes next. It's a brilliant technique on their part that keeps fans interested in the show for months at a time. Many films and shows have taken to viral marketing techniques to promote their releases, take Ryan Reynolds "leaking" Detective Pikachu for example, but it's an excellent way to maintain audience interest in different fashions without boring them.

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