Stranger Things 3: The Game Wants Players To Embrace Retro Gaming

Stranger Things 3 Game

The trailer for Stranger Things 3: The Game recently released in all its 16-bit retro glory. Stranger Things showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer initially announced the game at the 2018 Game Awards. The title will follow events that happen during the TV show's third season on Netflix.

Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in 2016 and quickly became one of the most talked about shows on the streaming subscription service, thanks to its nod to 80s pop culture and horror movies. Season 2 aired in 2017, with Netflix quickly renewing the series for a third season shortly after. When the trailer for the third season dropped recently in March 2019, it became one of the most watched Netflix videos of all time on YouTube. The new season of Stranger Things promises more of that retro vibe that fans love, along with a new bevy of monsters guaranteed to keep viewers up at night. Along with a new season of Stranger Things, though, fans will also get a 16-bit game, which will launch on the same day as the show's new season, July 4.

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NX Twitter posted the trailer for Stranger Things 3: The Game showcasing it in all its retro glory. What's even more fascinating, though, is that the game trailer closely matches the trailer for season 3 of the TV series: even much of the dialogue matches up. Like the TV show, the game will explore Hawkins and the mysteries that lie beneath it (including the world of the Upside Down) in vintage style, with both solo and co-op game modes available to players. Fortunately, though, the game will be available on modern consoles, including the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Expect it to also land on PC, Mac and mobile.

When Stranger Things initially premiered on Netflix, the streaming subscription provider already had plans for multiple seasons of the series, much to the delight of fans. There was recently a prank pulled on fans that suggested the series would only run for four seasons with a movie, but considering that much of the young cast are growing up, many fans are wondering just how many seasons the series can run before it loses its appeal.

Whatever the long term plan for Stranger Things is, season 3 will likely have fans wanting more when it ends. Being able to relive it all with a retro video game, though, might make the wait for season 4 seem a little less long. It will be interesting to see if the game can evoke the same sort of nostalgic charm that has made the series its inspired by so popular, but if it does, it could be a sleeper hit just waiting to happen.

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Source: NX Twitter

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