Stephen King Offers High Praise For Stranger Things 2

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Famed horror author Stephen King has offered high praise for the second season of Stranger Things. Netflix's streaming juggernaut returned late last month with a new batch of episodes, and while certain elements of the season have been subject to criticism, the consensus is it was a very successful followup that only raised the demand for a third season - which is currently in development.

The show has been the topic of much conversation online, as it now ranks as the most tweeted about streaming series. Among those making their opinions known about Stranger Things 2 are a number of high-profile celebrities, including King, whose work has been referenced several times on the show. The horror maestro stated the new episodes are "balls to the wall entertainment. Straight up."

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This will no doubt be a happy moment for show creators the Duffer Brothers, as there have been several nods to King and various adaptations of his work in Stranger Things itself. Indeed, there are clear parallels to IT found in the streaming series, while the second season also had references to the likes of Stand By Me. King's tweet on the matter can be seen below, although watch out for the profanity.

STRANGER THINGS 2: Ladies and gentlemen, that's how you do it: no bullshit, balls to the wall entertainment. Straight up.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) November 9, 2017

Although King has been waxing lyrical about plenty of projects of late, with the author giving his blessing for the changes made for 2017's IT, he has not always been an easy man to please. In particular, his opinion on Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining has been well documented, with King disliking Kubrick's take on the novel and referring to the film as a "big, beautiful Cadillac with no engine inside it."

That said, King clearly is a fan of Stranger Things, and it's easy to see why. The first season of the show pulled out the stops from a horror perspective, introducing viewers to the Upside Down's Demogorgon, but the reach of Stranger Things has gone far beyond the horror genre. Indeed, the second season even drew inspiration from The Dark Knight for its opening scene and looked to Star Wars for its divisive Eleven-centric episode.

Although King is a fan of Stranger Things, it's clear that the series is not going to be around forever. Actor David Harbour has confirmed that Stranger Things has an end to its story, stating that Matt and Ross Duffer have the conclusion already planned and that the show will likely run for four or five seasons. Hopefully, the rest of Stranger Things also reaches Stephen King's expectations.

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Stranger Things seasons 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.

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