Fans Can Feed Dart At New Stranger Things 2 Website

This post contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things 2


Stranger Things fans can feed Dart – the Pollywog/Demodog that ate Dustin’s cat – on a new viral website. Dart (short for D’Artagnan) was one of the major surprises from Stranger Things 2. The slimy-yet-cutesy creature showed up in Dustin’s bin and was promptly fostered by the hat-wearing fan favorite, before going violent and retreating to the underground tunnels beneath Hawkins, to be with the other spawn of the Upside Down.

In the end, Dart came good, allowing the kids to leave the tunnels in the Stranger Things season 2 finale, in exchange for a Three Musketeers chocolate bar. Dart’s fate was not a happy one, though, according to co-showrunner Ross Duffer, who recently clarified that, after helping the gang, Dart was “cut off [from the Upside Down] so he died by his beloved Three Musketeers bar.”

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But Dart’s legacy lives on, in the shape of the somewhat bizarre viral website, This new site has been revealed by the official Stranger Things social media accounts, with an odd little video teaser:

Dart's hungry. Give him a snack. He'll eat anything. Or anyone...

— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) November 8, 2017

Things get even weirder when you click through to The website landing page sees the creature moon-walking into the frame, before rolling around on the floor and showing his slimy belly. “Baby Dart is hungry,” says a little pop-up message. “Upload an image to feed him.”

You then have to choose an image from your computer, which is converted into a little on-screen polaroid snap for Dart to devour. The words “NOM NOM” appear on the screen as the digitized Dart chows down on your photograph. You can choose to download the video of Dart eating your photo, or send it to someone via email. This website is a rather strange tie-in, but it has succeeded in keeping the Stranger Things 2 discussion going – lots of fans have finished the new season already, but the dialogue is clearly continuing.

However, as much as Dart has a place in the hearts of many fans, and he is clearly helping Stranger Things 2 to stay in the spotlight a little longer, he is also quite a derivative creation: the similarities between Dart and the creatures from Gremlins have been pointed out all over the web. But Stranger Things is built on nostalgia, so Dart’s lack of originality hasn’t really done any harm.

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Stranger Things 2 is streaming now. The Stranger Things 3 premiere date is predicted to be late next year.

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