Stranger Things Season 2 Final Trailer is Here

With just two weeks to go before Stranger Things returns, the final trailer has dropped for season 2. Each year, a handful of TV shows dominate pop culture as a whole and are all anyone can talk about. With Game of Thrones done for 2017 and Westworld not due back until next year, Stranger Things is all set to dominate the fall. Just in time for Halloween, this new season will attempt to out-do last year while dealing with the fallout of what happened in the Upside Down.

As we've come closer to the premiere of season 2 of Stranger Things, Netflix hasn't been shy about promoting the show. Just last week, for example, multiple promotional videos were released, including the first clip from season 2 - which introduced us to a mischievous new character named Max. While nothing too spoiler-y has been revealed about season 2's storyline so far, we now have a brand-new look at the threats and mysteries that will emerge in Hawkins this year.

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To celebrate Friday the 13th, Netflix released the final trailer for Stranger Things season 2, ahead of its debut later this month. You can now watch it online, in the space above.

Picking up right where things left off, we see Eleven has indeed been taking advantage of Hopper's Eggo cache. From the growth of her hair and her various solo scenes, it looks like Eleven is off on her own mission now that she's back. Of course, it's not hard to imagine that her plot will soon intersect with the rest of the Stranger Things gang, given what's going on with Will.

The final cliffhanger from last year had Will suffering from an Upside Down hangover, but it looks like he didn't manage to hide everything that was going on with him. In footage from season 2, he appears to be undergoing testing in some sort of mysterious facility that likely has ties to Eleven's origin. Once again, Joyce will be crusading for her son, this time with a quietly flustered Bob (Sean Astin) in tow.

Then there's the shadow monster. We've seen teases of the creature so far, but it looks as if its long limbs are some sort of tendrils that are slowly infiltrating the town. With Hopper saying that the threat is bigger than ever now, Hawkins may not be able to contain the chaos this time around. The trailer also offers some quick glimpses of new character Max and one shot of her older brother Billy, though the parts they plays in Stranger Things' ongoing narrative has yet to be revealed. Still, the new look at the season manages to hints at plenty of action and suspense to come, without giving too much away before the show returns.

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres October 27 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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