Very Strange Watchmen Movie Update

There's a very odd post over at the official blog for the Watchmen movie.

It's written by production designer Alex McDowell and describes an event that supposedly happened on April 7th, 2007 recounting a trip to New York City to see something in an abandoned building that was about to be demolished. The gist is that they stumbled upon the actual, real "Owl ship" that belonged to the character Nite Owl in the Watchmen graphic novel.

The "real" Owl ship from Watchmen

Here is part of the post:

"The scout tells us that the tunnel and chamber was once a spur of a forgotten subway, an underground maintenance area for the cars, built in the 1920's. In 1955, the tunnel suffered a collapse that flooded this section of the system, and the lower portions of the track were abandoned. 100 yards from the repair yard the tunnel now opens up directly to the East River."

"Clearly someone had broken into the chamber from above, probably in the sixties, and build the steel stair that connected directly the basement we'd stumbled into."

Clearly, the tone of the post is to convey that this "trip" really happened and they really found the remnants of a ship.

Another look at Nite Owl's base and ship

He goes on to state:

"We are starting to climb the mechanical stairs when there is loud cracking sound from upstairs, and the scout shouts for us to leave. As we race up the stairs and out into the street we hear behind us dull sounds of collapse, and walk quickly away."

He concludes by saying that they were able to grab a few photos as they ran out of the collapsing building (you can see more photos by clicking here or on the image above).

I find this to be a rather... odd blog entry for the official Watchmen site. It's not what I'd classify as "viral" and it's not a production update. Honestly I'm not sure what to make of it... is it meant to add "mood" to the production? Is it something meant for people who don't know anything about the source material? Are people who are following the production of the film supposed to read that and say "Wow, that's so cool!"?

I don't know, what do you think?

Watchmen opens on March 6, 2009.

Source: Official Watchmen Blog

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