Check Out Stranger Things Season 2's Official Poster and Soundtrack

A brand-new poster for season 2 of Stranger Things unites the characters and the show's mysteries. Plus, the soundtrack is now streaming!

Ahead of the Stranger Things season 2 this Friday, the soundtrack and a new poster have been released. While the first season of Stranger Things dropped with little fanfare before quickly developing a huge following, season 2 has been steadily promoted all year. As the release date approaches, fans have been treated to the regular release of promos, posters, and images. All of that led up to the recent Stranger Things season 2 trailer, which offered strong hints about the threats coming to Hawkins. But in the past week, things haven't slowed down.

Yesterday, a brand new image from season 2 of Stranger Things was released, teasing some of the fun that will occur before the terror starts. Of course, the darkness looming in the new season has also been at the forefront of marketing. A promo from earlier this week once again put the focus on the rotting pumpkin mystery. We first saw the ghoulish gourds in a poster for the show, but the new video teased that it's a sign of bigger things to come. Now, the decaying fruit are once more in the spotlight thanks to a new poster for the show.

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Netflix released the brand-new poster for season 2 of Stranger Things and it unites the many elements of the upcoming episodes. Done in a style reminiscent of '80s movie posters, the main characters and the new arrivals to Hawkins all gather under the surprisingly sinister glow of Eleven and the shadow monster.

Right away, it's hard not to read into the design. We can see the shadow monster up top and the rotting pumpkins below, with all the returning characters in the middle. There are also new additions Billy and Max, but no sign of Sean Astin's Bob. The presence of Eleven looming large under the shadow monster also likely points to a connection. The other noticeable elements are the arcade sign - also teased in the recent pumpkin promo and which looks to have some Upside Down residue on it - a scarecrow, and a car's headlights. Those last two could simply be generic spooky imagery, but expect them to pop up at some point in the season.

Along with the new poster, the soundtrack for the new season has also been poster on Spotify. Like with season one, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the band S U R V I V E did the score, bringing their signature synth-wave sound to the spooky show. Have a listen below:

With just a few more days until season 2 drops, don't expect the promotion for Stranger Things to stop here. But if you don't want to be potentially spoiled about any other plot elements, it might be a good time to avert your eyes until the show arrives.

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Stranger Things season 2 debuts October 27 on Netflix.

Sources: Netflix and Spotify

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