'The Strain' Season 2 Teaser: Fight Or Die

[SPOILERS for The Strain season 1 ahead.]


Well, that escalated fast: after the events of The Strain's season one finale, the preliminary teaser for season two depicts a much changed New York City, now a battleground between the living and the undead. In each of the clip's overhead shots, we're treated to brief glimpses of what looks like a grim intersection between The Walking Dead and World War Z. The teeming Strigoi horde is so massive that it's kinda difficult to distinguish the vampires from the humans.

It's a marked change of pace from the set of cryptic promos cut for The Strain's first season. Maybe all-out mayhem in the streets is to be anticipated in light of how things turned out in 'The Master'; the teaser bears the fruit of Ephraim's and Abraham's failure to kill the Master, best punctuated in the final image as the ancient vampire himself launches straight at the camera.

The Strain - The Master

So things don't look good for our ragtag band of heroes. What the teaser leaves out are details regarding where exactly the series' next installment will take us. Sure, we know that our fearless vampire killers made it out intact after the encounter in Bolivar's theater, and we know that Mr. Quinlan has recruited Gus to help destroy the Master; we know that Eicchorst and Bolivar are still alive (so to speak) and kicking, too, and that the Master survived the fracas despite coming out of it with a bit of a tan.

But what direction will The Strain take when it comes back to air this summer? Will Abraham's profound, prophetic words in 'The Master' prove meaningful as the story continues forward? How does the war change (and the characters with it) now that it's full-blown and in the open? You'll have to tune into FX in a few months to see where the infection spreads from here.

The Strain airs on FX in summer 2015.

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