Straczynski Corrects Forbidden Planet Rumors

After the critical success of his first-draft-straight-to-shooting script for Changeling (starring Angelina Jolie), Hollywood is finally cluing in to the true potential of writer J. Michael Straczynski. The creative genius behind Babylon 5, Straczynski (or JMS as he is more affectionately known), has his sights currently set on one of the true classics of the Sci-Fi genre:

Forbidden. Planet.

This week word of the new version of the classic Sci-Fi film surfaced on the internet and JMS has chimed in to let people know that report is not accurate.

AintItCool writer "Beaks" claims:

"We have additional info that indicates this is not so much a "remake" as a complementary piece to the Fred M. Wilcox/Cyril Hume classic."

A sequel to the 1956 movie? Not so fast! According to JMS himself:

"That report is totally incorrect. It's not going to be retro, and it's not going to be a continuation. When Altair 4 blows up, it blows up. I have, however, found a way to honor the original movie without in any way besmirching it in order to do this iteration. Once folks find out what we're actually going to do, I think they'll be most pleased. 'Forbidden Planet' remains one of my favorite films of all time, and I wouldn't even think about doing this project if I didn't think there was a way to do it that would not in any way diminish the original...which is why this is the the first development in years to actually get to the script stage. Everybody involved is very excited by the approach."

The original Forbidden Planet movie was released in 1956 and introduced moviegoers to Robby the Robot, who became a Sci-Fi icon. It also predates Leslie Neilsen’s Police Squad, Naked Gun and Scary Movie days to stand as a tribute to his career as a serious actor.

Based loosely on "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare, Forbidden Planet tells the tale of the search for the missing colonists of the planet Altair-4. The rescue team discovers the remains of an ancient alien civilization, along with their still-functional technology. All of this is familiar territory for JMS, as evidenced by the similar themes showing up in Babylon 5.

I for one think this project is in good hands. That's not to say that studio interference might not lead to disaster as it has in previous JMS-penned projects (Amazing Spider-Man anyone?).

Of course, this paves the way to my dream coming true: Scary Movie 5 featuring Leslie Nielsen spoofing Forbidden Planet 2010! Come on David Zucker! Nielsen's not getting any younger!

Source: JMS News, AICN

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