10 Storylines From OITNB That Never Got Resolved

Season 7 of Orange Is the New Black purposefully left a lot of pressing questions unanswered. Essentially, we as viewers are supposed to make our own conclusions as to how these storylines end. Ultimately, the final season of the prison dramedy created a realistic send off for all, whether that be for better or worse. Spoiler alert: it's mostly for worse. There is a lot of heartbreak in this season, folks.

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What are some of the unresolved storylines from Orange Is The New Black that we desperately want answers to? Read on to find out!

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When we are first introduced to Daya, she gets slapped in the face by her mother Aleida. It only makes sense that the last time we see the newfound drug kingpin, she is caught in a physical brawl with mommy dearest. Isn't it comforting to know that some things never change? In this case, not so much. Daya and Aleida have been butting heads since the beginning and unfortunately, the two of them never made amends or received their Disney Channel happy ending.

In the last few moments of the series, we see Aleida attempting to choke her daughter to death and we are uncertain whether or not she survives. According to Dascha Polanco who portrays Daya in the series, the writers made it clear to her that she makes it out alive. It's heartbreaking to see the character go from a doe-eyed lovesick schoolgirl with a passion for art, to a dead-eyed drug lord who only cares about power.


When it comes to Alex and Piper, it is uncertain whether or not the two work things out in the end in order to live happily ever after. Both struggled with infidelity throughout the course of the series, even after getting "prison married." Both seemed uncertain if tying the knot was the right choice for them.

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When Piper is released from Litchfield, she begins the steamiest of "friendships" with a bubbly redhead named Zelda who seems to be extremely supportive of the Smith grad turned ex-con. Meanwhile, Alex finds herself caring deeply for a self-harming prison guard. Alex and Piper decide to call quits on their messy romance and we assume this is their final decision. Yet in the final shot of the series, it suggests the on-again-off-again couple has decided to get back together again.


One of the most heartbreaking storylines in the series comes from Lorna Morello, a woman who craves a fairytale lifestyle more than anything. She wants nothing more than a perfect romance with prince charming along with the perfect child to complete the picture. It's practically all she has ever wanted and she never gave up on that dream, even after getting sent to prison for years.

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After Laurna's baby died and after her husband left her, she went into a complete state of denial that ended up forcing her "down the rabbit hole" as Nicky puts it. She ends up in "Florida" which is the block where people go when they are considered to be mentally insane. Will she ever get the proper help that she needs? We sure hope so.


By the same token, our hearts are breaking just as much for Red who is also "losing it". At first, we assume Red's forgetfulness is the result of being locked up in The Shu for a period of time, but we later discover her behavior is the result of dementia. According to Mulgrew who plays the determined cook, she told the writers, "Please don't make it Alzheimer's.' Because we don't have enough time to explore and do it justice in the 13 episodes we're allotted. Let's make it dementia or PTSD, whatever you want to call it that happens when you're hit too hard too many times."

Mulgrew has stated that her character's dementia is "a natural, devastating byproduct of aging in prison in this country."


The better question is, will Maritza be okay? We are hopeful that she will be, considering the fact that this woman is a survivor. The "Colombian Barbie" always had a natural talent for bringing light and happiness to the darkest of situations. For that, we admire her. In her final shot in the series, the once-Youtube starlet and partner in crime to Flaca is now streaked with tears as she is shipped off by ICE officers to an unknown location.

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It is easily one of the most tragic storylines in the entire series and we only wish we could find out the rest of her story. Unfortunately, this ending is all too personal for Diane Guerrero, the actress who portrays Maritza. According to Guerrero, "Neighbors broke the news that my parents had been taken away by immigration officers, and just like that, my stable family life was over."


All Karla wants is the best for her two young boys. It makes it all the more heartbreaking when she is trying to cross the border into the US so she can reunite with her kids, and she then ends up falling, breaking her leg in the process. She is told by The Cayote that he will try to come back to save her, but the chances of this actually happening are slim considering how stranded they are.

These issues, unfortunately, occur all too often yet are rarely discussed, so we are thankful that shows like Orange can offer a sense of awareness.


Taystee and Cindy used to have each other's backs no matter what. Yet after a series of unfortunate events that ultimately based themselves off of survival, Cindy ended up betraying Taystee. This led to Taystee's life sentence in Litchfield prison. Cindy is riddled with guilt to the point where she nearly loses what makes her character so loveable.

Yet despite everything, she is on the road to becoming a better person and she will do whatever it takes to make up for her past mistakes. She asks for forgiveness with Taystee, yet we are uncertain whether or not she will ever accept the apology.


Nicky has struggled throughout the entire series with addiction. She tends to spiral the most when she is dealing with heartache, whether that be from family issues or matters relating to her love life. When in doubt, Nicky turns to hard drugs. It is her coping mechanism.

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In the final season, the loveable queen of sarcasm is forced to be separated from everyone she has ever loved and cared about. Lorna is taken away from her and has fallen down the rabbit hole, Red is no longer Red, and Shani has been deported. In the final shot, there is hope that Nichols has cleaned up her act (most likely for Red's sake) as she becomes the head cook.


It's always a challenge for writers to introduce new characters so late in the series, yet we instantly found ourselves falling in love with Shani, Nicky's new Egyptian love interest. Shani is a warm and kind-hearted individual who deserves nothing but happiness, which is ultimately what makes her backstory so unfair.

We assume after she is taken under Nicky's wing that things will turn out okay for her, yet everything takes a turn for the worst when she is deported. What will become of her? Will she be okay? We truly and sincerely hope so.


As the series left off with Cindy, she was living off the streets while struggling to eat. It seems as though she and her daughter are slowly forming a bond after being separated from a lack of trust. After all, Cindy's daughter assumed that Cindy was her sister for all her life. Luckily, her daughter is putting out time once a week to bond with Cindy.

The question is still up in the air as to whether or not she will be allowed to move back in with her mother and daughter. Hopefully, the answer is yes, because Cindy deserves to live a happy life.

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