10 Storylines In Justice League Canon We'd Like To See In The DCEU

The first Justice League movie to hit the big screen was met with mixed reviews. It’s the most expensive movie ever made that didn’t make a profit, and is currently in the top ten for the most expensive movie ever made - even after inflation! If the DCEU is going to make another Justice League movie, they are going to have to knock it out of the park. The best way to do this is the take a page out of the MCU’s playbook and pick a solid story that already exists in Justice League canon and give it the big screen treatment. There is no shortage of excellent stories to choose from, but here are ten storylines in Justice league canon we'd like to see in the DCEU.

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10. Justice League Of America

This is the one that started it all - and I mean, all. Released in 1960, Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky give us the formula for superhero team stories to come and while many readers might find the storytelling of the Silver Age hard to parse, it’s extremely telling that little has changed on a more macro level. The Justice League was born out of Silver Age weirdness and the best creators have made sure that remains a part of its legacy. Plus it stars a giant alien starfish named Starro.

9. A League Divided

The super-sized Justice League of America #200 honored more than two decades of stories by pitting the team up against the aliens from their 1960 origin story, and features a showdown between the original seven Leaguers and their teammates who joined later. The all-star artist line-up featured chapters drawn by several comics legends, with the rest of the issue illustrated by George Pérez, who provided the amazing wrap-around cover. This is as good as Bronze Age era Justice League gets.

8. A Midsummer’s Nightmare

Dr. Destiny strips the heroes of their powers and gives them to the rest of the population so the League are allowed to live normal lives for once. But the strength of putting The World’s Greatest Heroes in this situation is that it allows the characters to come to terms with what it means to be a hero and how they can overcome their situation despite the odds stacked against them. 'A Midsummer’s Nightmare' reminds us that the Justice League is more than a set of costumes or powers - it's the willingness and need to see good and do good in the world.

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7 - Crisis On New Genesis, Crisis Between 2 Earths, Crisis On Apokolips

Ten years after Jack Kirby created him, Darkseid finally made his presence known to the Justice League. And it took the combined forces of the Justice League of America along with the Justice Society and the New Gods of New Genesis to stop him. In this three-part story, Darkseid attempts to destroy the Justice Society’s home of Earth-2 and replace it with Apokolips. It may be a lot of teams to introduce to the DCEU all in one go, but we'd still love to see this on the big screen.

6. New World Order

Alien heroes called the Hyperclan come to Earth offering to solve all of its problems, making the Justice League seem like ineffective heroes. But these aliens have a secret, a secret tied to one of the Justice League’s members, and which only Batman knows. A true return to glory for the team, this arc started the greatest run in the League’s nearly 60-year history. It's also a lot of simple superhero fun, with twists and turns and secret alien plots.

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5. Rock Of Ages

'Rock of Ages' has Lex Luthor come into possession of the Worlogog, an incarnation of all space/time. These six issues feature the Justice League fighting hard light versions of themselves, the Injustice Gang (including the Joker), the super-gods of Wonderworld, and the Leaguers time traveling to a future where Darkseid has uncovered the secrets of the anti-life equation, and rules the world from his throne in Las Vegas.

4. JLA Year One

Much like the new phases of the MCU, different actors and characters will inevitably come and go in the DCEU - with the Justice League being no exception. This story would be excellent for that transition period. Focusing on the heroes who were not the Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, this series sees Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), The Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman, Black Canary, and J’onn J’onzz form the world’s greatest super team while still learning to be heroes.

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3. The Nail

Imagine a world where a random nail on the road gave Ma and Pa Kent’s truck a flat tire on that fateful day when a Kryptonian ship landed in Kansas, preventing them from finding baby Kal-El and raising him to be Superman. What is the League on an Earth with no Man of Steel to inspire it? We find out in this excellent Elseworlds tale about a Justice League in a world where there never was a Superman.

2. A League Of One

Want to know why Wonder Woman is the greatest Leaguer ever? In this graphic novel, the Amazon princess finds out that an ancient prophecy foretells that the League will fall at the hands of a powerful dragon. So instead of sacrificing her friends, she defeats and incapacitates each of them, and makes sure she is the only Justice League member left standing to fulfill the prophecy. This would be a perfect follow up to the massive success that was Wonder Woman.

1. Justice League: Doom

Loosely based on the comic story 'Tower of Babel', 'Justice League: Doom' explores the idea that Batman has developed contingency plans to neutralize each member of the Justice League. Not because he wants to, of course. But just in case any of them are turned evil at some point in the future. Of course, these plans are stolen and then utilized to dismantle the Justice League to make way for a bigger evil. Who saw that coming?

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