The Story of Rambo 5: The Savage Hunt? [Re-Updated]

On Monday, Screen Rant relayed the great news of Rambo 5 being given the greenlight. It was reported at the time that the story of the next Rambo adventure would follow the bad-ass to the Mexican-U.S. border where he'd tear down a bunch of human traffickers and drug lords to rescue some kidnapped girl.

That part was secondary to seeing Sylvester Stallone back to gruesomely destroy the opposition.

Now comes word that Rambo 5 has a new title, a new poster, and the story we thought we knew isn't right at all. Apparently, it instead will be about stopping some super-soldier experiments with the Rambo franchise taking a sci-fi twist.

Read on for the details...

Harry Knowles of AICN is pals with Stallone and spoke with him to clarify the matter. According to Harry, the movie is in fact set in the States as reported earlier but not by the south border as we thought. The movie will see John Rambo back where we first met him in the Pacific Northwest where there's some sort of secret U.S. Military base working on a super soldier program...

Bear with me, I know what you're thinking...

At this base, they're attempting to unleash the "savagery" deep down inside of every person to create human weapons. As expected an experiment goes awry and some super killer is unleashed and this is where Rambo and a Black Ops team is brought in the clean up the mess.

Let me guess, Rambo was an early result of these experiments and that's why he's the perfect killing machine?

They've created a quick teaser poster for the film and here's a look at it - Click to see the full version at AICN.

Normally, reading this and seeing the quality of this poster, I'd call April Fools... but it's not April and it comes directly from Harry who spoke with Stallone. From their phone conversation, we also know that the film will include "The Savage Hunt" in the title.

If the story ends up following this path (it is very early in the process still), it's certainly strange but still very cool in my mind. I don't really care who the villains are and this sounds much more interesting than the human traffickers/girl rescue story. Bring it!

[UPDATE: Stallone left a voice-mail with Harry to clarify the confusion surrounding the film.  Click to read about the accurate story details of Rambo 5]

[UPDATE 2: We have the official synopsis for Rambo 5 which explains the story and reveals what it's based on]

What do you think of this news? Do you dig this story idea more than the last?

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt begins production next spring.

Source: Ain't It Cool News

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