Storm Loses The Power Of Thor... Forever

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers For X-Men Gold #35

Storm's recent run of bad luck continues this week, as she loses her hammer, Stormbringer - and the Asgardian powers that come with it! In recent issues of Marvel's X-Men Gold, the mutant leader Storm has returned to the African village where she was raised, in order to mourn the death of her foster-mother. Of course, nothing in the comic universe is straightforward, especially not death... and Storm quickly discovered (in X-Men Gold #34) that  her home had been taken over by a death-God, Uovu, who was raising the dead as an army.

At the end of X-Men Gold #34, Storm confronted Uovu, but as they began to battle, she found that she was unable to call her hammer, Stormbringer, to her side. This hammer has been with her, on and off, for many years, and since X-Men Gold #25, she has reclaimed her hammer and her Goddess of Thunder title - so it was shocking that Stormbringer seemed to have abandoned her at this critical time. This week, in X-Men Gold #35, Stormbringer returns to Storm, but she cannot hold onto it long before it is destroyed for good...

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X-Men Gold #35 picks up with Storm battling Uovu in Africa, while the rest of her team are fighting their own fight in New York City. Quickly, it is revealed that far from abandoning Storm, the Asgardian hammer has zoomed on past the X-Men team - presumably, so that they are able to come to her aid. They do, thanks to a handy-dandy portal, and as soon as they arrive, Stormbringer lands back in its mistress's hand. However, the resulting battle with Uovu takes too much out of the Asgardian weapon, and after Storm is able to defeat the death god (and the X-Men are able to evacuate the villagers), Stormbringer crumbles to dust in her hands.

X-Men Gold 35 Stormbringer destroyed

This battle was an epic one - and taking down Uovu took all the power that Storm could muster from her hammer. After the destruction of the death god, Storm realizes that the hammer's power is spent, which is why it crumbles in her hands. The loss of the hammer also means the loss of her Asgardian armor, of course, and she ends the issue by reconnecting with her homeland and promising to return more often - not as a goddess, but as a friend.

While Storm's current battle is done, the loss of her hammer is sure to have huge repercussions on her future. Obviously, she will still have all the mutant powers that she is known for, and her standing with the X-Men will not be altered. However, having enjoyed the power of godhood for some time now, it will take Ororo a while to recover from its loss, and to accept that she is no longer able to call up the kind of power that Stormbringer gave her. It's possible, of course, that another hammer could come to her, but it's unlikely that Stormbringer would be destroyed simply to be replaced. Instead, we might see Ororo doing some hard thinking about her powers and her position as mutant or goddess, which will probably have a trickle down effect on her leadership and her team.

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X-Men Gold #35 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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