15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast Of Storage Wars

It doesn’t take long for all your prized possessions to be auctioned off to the highest bidder in the sunny state of California. Three months of unpaid storage locker payments are all it takes to see your sentimental collectibles guest spot on A&E’s popular reality television series Storage Wars. Suspense, surprise, and loads of cash, Storage Wars was always bound to be a recipe for success.

Premiering on A&E in December 2010, Storage Wars would eventually go on to become a surprisingly huge hit. Spawning spin-offs across the United States (and across the world, for that matter), the series remains a reality TV staple thanks to its popular cast of incredibly talented (and attractive) auctioneers, scavengers, and experts.

While the world of storage locker auctions doesn’t exactly lend itself to glitz and glamor (or so it would seem), these 15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast Of Storage Wars certainly seem to prove otherwise. Wide eyes, gorgeous hair, and lots of mugging, these stars should consider modeling.

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15 Mary Padian

Mary Padian is a thrift store owner-- her business fucses on vintage furniture and home decor. Mary started out as a journalist, working for Architectural Digest. She worked on a vlog for four years and eventually went on to join Storage Wars: Texas.

She had a guest stint in Storage Wars' season 5, making her the first cast member to appear in more than one series in the franchise.

Mary’s Texas roots are easily apparent this sweet photo. She’s right at home in her rustic setting, surrounded by farm equipment in her sundress and cowboy boots. Mary could totally pull off a career as a model if she ever decided to give up the thrift store life-- or an actress, thanks to her vlogging experience.

14 Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante and co-star Jarrod Schulz share two kids and television success together. The happy couple has been by each other’s side for 15 years — which is especially impressive for a couple in the public eye — but they have yet to marry. That’s right, Brandi’s technically single, but she’s definitely unavailable.

The couple tell conflicting stories of how they ended up together, both pinning the relationship on the other. Jarrod likes to say that Brandi initiated the relationship and that, since he was “technically her boss” at the carpet cleaning company they worked for, he was forced to behave.

However, Brandi naturally disagrees with Jarrod's memory and swears that Jarrod convinced her to go out with him. They both agree that there was no attraction when they first met.

13 Emily Wears

Emily Wears’ outstanding auctioneering talents have been featured in more than reality series. She showed off her speed while auditioning for American Idol last year. Emily showed off her pipes for judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. with a soulful rendition of Jo Dee Messina’s “Bring On The Rain”.

This wunderkind is also a talented musician and keeps a collection of instruments. Emily is the proud owner of a guitar, banjo, mandolin, and of course, her grandpa’s 100-year-old fiddle. Where does she find time for it all?

Even as a child, Emily had a love of performing and joined every possible music-related school function that she could. She took up singing and performing in musical theater. Her efforts may not have paid off on Idol, but Emily’s definitely earned a devoted fan base thanks to her indisputable talent.

12 Laura Dotson

As another prominent Storage Wars auctioneer, Laura Dotson has essentially made a career out of making appearances… as herself. From The Price Is Right to Hot In Cleveland, Laura has cameoed as herself on a long list of popular series.

The majority of Laura’s appearances have been on reality TV series, though. So, it only makes sense that she also got caught up in the item planting controversy.

Laura revealed that former co-star and Storage Wars accuser David Hester had continued to attend auctions even after his tenure on the show ended. To Laura, this was proof that David’s claims were invalid.

Laura and her husband, Dan Dotson, were popular faces in the series, but they were removed from the show in season 10. They released a statement blaming budget issues for their absence and promised to continue auctioneering with or without Storage Wars.

11 Mary Padian

Mary has been famously private with her personal life, with fans frequently wondering whether or not she’s single. However, she shocked viewers in 2016 when she introduced her boyfriend Dylan to the world on Storage Wars.

Tall, blonde, and according to Rene, crazy young — Dylan was everything that Mary was looking for and she couldn’t wait to show him off to the world. Despite her private nature (and obvious unavailability), Mary’s reality TV success has landed her in more than a few creepy situations.

She admits that random strangers have asked her for her hand in marriage. Thankfully, these awkward offers take place over social media so Mary doesn’t have to turn them down in person.

While shy about her relationships, Mary is friendly. She opened up to her Storage Wars partner, Moe Prigoff, incredibly quickly despite never having met him before the show. Mary refers to Moe as her grandpa and has a great affection for her partner-in-crime.

10 Emily Wears

Could Emily Wears look more like an actual angel? The sunny glow, the billowy hair, this photo is simply ethereal.

At only 27 years old, Emily has starred on Storage Wars as an auctioneer, has earned a Business Management degree, and has learned to work with leather. Of course, she had a head start: Emily’s father was an auctioneer for 35 years, which led Emily to become one at just 17 years old.

Emily gathered up all her various skills and threw them all behind one big venture: her own business. Unlike her fellow castmates, Emily doesn’t sell vintage or used items. Instead, she makes her own leather goods to sell.

On top of all that, she spent many, many devoted hours auctioneering online, spending time at weekend auctions, and working for the Storage Wars series. It’s in her blood.

9 Jarrod Schulz

At this point, it won’t surprise you to learn that Brandi and Jarrod also owned their own store — it seems like everyone on the show has at some point. However, could you have ever guessed that Jarrod is a fashion designer, too?

Jarrod and Brandi’s second-hand store, Now and Then, closed up shop last year. However, Jarrod’s clothing line, Outlaw Apparel, is going strong. Believe it or not, Jarrod has been in the fashion game longer than he’s been in the auction business.

He started Outlaw Apparel in 2002. The business began as a small family affair-- Jarrod and a friend would make clothing and stickers for family members. However, it grew to become a popular line that has been known to be found in motorcycle shops.

8 Thom Beers

Thom Beers could be shopping Jarrod’s clothing line— his look screams biker chic. Thom isn’t simply the show’s producer, he also shows up onscreen frequently-- or at least his voice does. Thom also provides narration for the series.

In a surprising twist, (for reality TV, at least), Thom has openly admitted that certain situations on the show are fake. Thom has always denied that items are planted in lockers, but he says it’s impossible to get through 30 auctions in one show, so they will combine super interesting finds through the magic of editing. Sneaky.

Thom also admits to writing lines for the cast members-- sometimes up to half the lines in any given show. However, he swears that the stories that unfold on the series are always legitimate and untouched by producers.

7 Brandi Passante

Brandi has a bit of a wild side-- or at least her men do. Brandi has a thing for bad boys. Jarrod has been open about his past run-ins with the law. In the ‘90s, the future reality TV star was arrested for possessing a controlled substance. Jarrod pled guilty and was supposed to receive a 60-day sentence before things went south.

After being released on probation, Jarrod was allegedly caught transporting narcotics and reportedly spent 16 months in prison for his crimes. It was alleged that Jarrod was a drug dealer and that driving under the influence may have been a factor in his bust.

Jarrod is said to have seen the light, and was literally scared straight by his fellow inmates. It looks like Brandi has kept him on the straight and narrow.

6 Mary Padian

Mary Padian is just as multitalented as Emily Wears. Along with her vlogging and journalism skills, the reality TV star also boasts a degree in photojournalism.

This penchant for the arts has lead Mary to be dubbed “The Junkster” on the show. That may sound like less than a compliment, but it’s meant to honor Mary’s uncanny ability to take the least wanted items found in a locker and turn them into masterpieces. In fact, some of Mary’s pieces were sold in a gallery.

Despite her obvious talent and resourcefulness, not all of Mary’s projects are a success. She once attempted to make a pool table without fabric. Though the piece looked great, it didn’t serve its function, as the balls were unable to scatter across the surface. The buyers still made use of the piece, though-- they simply used it as an actual table.

5 Ivy Calvin

Ivy Calvin might have a tough guy facade, but he’s actually a teddy bear at heart. The former athlete is a devoted dad who loves spending time with his two sons, Isaiah and Ivy.

The famous father makes time to take his sons hunting and fishing-- let’s hope they weren’t there to see that coral accident. The younger Ivy has shown a tendency to take after his father, boasting athletic skills in track, basketball, and, of course, football.

Ivy has spread his generosity to other young athletes. He worked as a football coach at Vasquez High School and even helped the team obtain new equipment by promoting their fundraiser on his Facebook page. As intimidating as his past fighting career may be, Ivy is just a big ol’ softie.

4 Brandi Passante

Any internet search for Storage Wars is bound to turn up tons of results linked to Brandi Passante. She’s one of the most popular cast members ever seen on the show.

Sadly, some of Brandi’s popularity could be attributed to the fake revealing video posted online in 2012. However, we’d like to think that her fiery personality and fun-loving attitude have something to do with it.

After the video was posted on various social media sites, she was bombarded with requests for more and messages complimenting her on the video’s contents. Brandi claimed to have suffered anxiety and illness from the stress of the events.

Brandi sued over the video and won. However, she was only awarded a paltry $750 for her suffering and humiliation.

3 Ivy Calvin

Ivy Calvin is totally channeling The Rock in this photo, which is very fitting of a former football player/MMA fighter. Ivy was a linebacker for Cal State Northridge before transitioning to the MMA.

Ivy’s stint as a fighter was very short lived-- he only participated in one fight back in 2002. However, he did win-- so, there’s that. Fans have pointed out the obvious scars near Ivy’s right eye,  but those have nothing to do with his sports career. A large wave during a fishing trip sent Ivy crashing into coral-- who knew fishing was so hardcore?

He eventually gave up sports and turned his attention to Storage Wars in the show’s third season. Ivy has channeled his storage auction success into a career as a thrift shop owner. He owns Grandma’s Attic in Palmdale, California.

2 Brandon Sheets

Just like Dan and Laura Dotson, Brandon Sheets was dropped from Storage Wars for lack of budget. However, he didn’t take the news nearly as graciously as his former co-stars.

Brandon called out the A&E Network for continuing to have their employees follow him on Twitter even after handing him his pink slip. Oh, and they wanted him to offer some of his services completely free of charge, he alleged.

Brandon’s father, Darrell Sheets, faced similar difficulties after the show’s budget shrank. He was kept on in the series, but his pay had been reportedly slashed and he found himself booking far fewer episodes than his past runs. Though he threatened to quit the show, Darrell remained on, debuting his weight loss in 2016.

1 Dan Dotson

You can’t look at this photo and hear anything other than, “Hey, girl.” Dan Dotson’s clearly got some charm.

Dan Dotson has been in the auctioneering game for a long time. He began his career in 1974 and has remained a strong presence in the business ever since. Always drawn to auctioneering, Dan found himself prioritizing local auctions over his high school career and would often skip class to attend local auctions.

This passion would eventually pay off, though. Along with his stint on Storage Wars, Dan founded American Auctioneers, an auction house with some serious variety.

From foreclosures to famous locker auctions, Dan’s company does it all. He suffered a terrifying double aneurysm in 2014, but Dan’s love of auctioneering is too great to have kept him away for long.


What do you think? Did you expect the cast of Storage Wars to look so good behind the scenes?

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