Stonewall, Danish Girl & Suffragette Posters Tease Awards Season Films

Stonewall The Danish Girl Suffragette posters

During the summer months, action blockbusters, big-budget adventure films and superhero movies tend to dominate the box office. This summer saw the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator Genisys, and Mission: Impossible - Rogue, although it was Jurassic World that propelled Universal Pictures to unprecedented box office success.

Though there are certainly highly anticipated blockbuster releases debuting throughout the rest of 2015, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the fall ushers in the beginning of awards season. Now, new posters for three films set to debut in the months leading up to and during awards season - Stonewall, The Danish Girl and Suffragette - offer a new look at what to expect in theaters this fall.


Take a look at the poster:

Stonewall Where Pride Began Poster

Despite being an obvious contender come awards season, the first trailer for Stonewall received vocal backlash for its portrayal of the events on which it’s based; both Emmerich and Baitz have since asked viewers to be patient for the film's release before judging whether it accurately represents the movement. Additionally, while speaking to Out, the director specifically pointed to a famous image from the Gay Liberation Front in 1970 as the inspiration of the Stonewall poster: "It perfectly captures the triumphant, jubilant feeling of the time."

Of course, whether Stonewall can separate itself from its early criticisms remains to be seen. But, if the film delivers an insightful look at the LGBT community of New York City in the 1960s, Stonewall could certainly overcome its naysayers.

The Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne (Jupiter Ascending) reunites with Les Misérables director Tom Hooper for The Danish Girl, an adaptation of David Ebershoff's book by the same name. The film depicts the love story between transgender pioneer Lili Elbe (Redmayne) and fellow artist Gerda Wegener, played by Alicia Vikander (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.). The film was adapted by playwright/screenwriter Lucinda Coxon and costars Amber Heard (3 Days to Kill), Matthias Schoenaerts (Far from the Madding Crowd), Sebastian Koch (Homeland) and Ben Whishaw (Spectre).

Take a look at the poster:

The Danish Girl (2015) - Poster

With Hooper, an Oscar winner for The King's Speech, and Redmayne, who won an Oscar for his turn as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, on board, The Danish Girl is sure to get the attention of many this awards season. Additionally, when the first image of Redmayne as Elbe was released earlier this year, the actor spoke about his method and effort to portray the transgender woman as authentically as possible.

Though Redmayne will likely receive the most attention, viewers may be surprised by Vikander. The actress has broken out this summer with her roles in the well-received sci-fi film Ex Machina and 1960s spy movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. With Hooper directing and Redmayne and Vikander starring, The Danish Girl will certainly be a stand out this awards season.


Carey Mulligan (Far from the Madding Crowd), Helena Bonham Carter (Cinderella, Harry Potter) and Academy Award winner Meryl Streep costar in Suffragette, which follows women who fought for the right to vote in early-20th century Britain. Sarah Gavron (Brick Lane) directed the film from a script penned by Abi Morgan (The Hour, The Iron Lady). The movie costars Anne-Marie Duff (Before I Go to Sleep) and Brendan Gleeson (Edge of Tomorrow).

Take a look at the poster:

Suffragette (2015) - Poster

As demonstrated by the trailer released earlier this summer, Suffragette features a stellar cast that will likely draw plenty of attention this awards season. Streep's performance as the political activist Emmeline Pankhurst is likely especially anticipated, though Mulligan may shine at the forefront of this women's suffrage film.

Given the cast and the filmmaking team behind the scenes, Suffragette seems to be a shoo-in for one of the darlings of awards season. Whether it lives up to expectations, though, remains to be seen - but Streep rarely disappoints.


Stonewall premieres in U.S. theaters on September 25th, 2015.

The Danish Girl premieres in select U.S. theaters on November 27th, 2015.

Suffragette premieres in U.S. theaters on October 23rd, 2015.

Source: Out, Focus Features

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