Stitchers Season 4 Updates: Will It Happen?

The show gained a cult following due to its likable cast and fun sci-fi premise, but will Stitchers season 4 ever happen? Stitchers debuted in 2015 and it's vaguely Inception-style premise finds a woman named Kirsten, played by Emma Ishta (Power), being recruited into a top-secret program that lets her dive into the memories of the recently deceased to investigate murders. A special neural link-up allows Kirsten to be projected into these memories, in a process dubbed "stitching." She later comes to learn her own parents had involvement in this program.

It's a unique hook for a show, with Stitchers having a lot of fun with the premise. While the series could be dark and dramatic, the light-hearted banter between the team kept it fun too. Stitchers quickly found a fanbase but despite this, it's ratings were always modest. Season 3 of Stitchers ended on a big cliffhanger, with Kirsten appearing to be suffering from memory loss, only for a mysterious figure to enter and reveal that it's all a ploy.

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The show may have a cult following, but is that enough for Stitchers season 4 to move ahead?

Stitchers Was Cancelled In 2017

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Hopes for Stitchers season 4 were dashed by network Freeform, who announced they were pulling the plug in 2017. The show's sci-fi premise wasn't cheap to produce and the ratings weren't enough to justify another season. Despite fans of the show passionately pleading for another network like SyFy or The CW, relating its popularity to series like The 100, to pick it up, there's been little sign of movement on a fourth season since then.

What Stitchers Season 4 Would Have Been About

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Stitchers season 4 would have revealed who the mystery figure was that Kirsten was speaking with at the end of season 3. This reveal wasn't in the initial script and was added at the last moment by the showrunner to add spice. Star Kyle Harris (The Blacklist: Redemption), who played Cameron, speculated it could have been Maggie, the head of the program, but that was a story beat being saved for season 4.

This also threw a spanner into the romantic relationship between Cameron and Kirsten - dubbed Camsten by fans - which would have played out further in the next season.

Will Stitchers Season 4 Ever Happen?

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Sadly, it appears Stitchers won't be returning for another season. The show was canceled by Freeform (Pretty Little Liars) due to its low ratings, but despite the cliffhanger poised by the end of the previous season and the loyal fanbase, its doubtful another network would see the value in picking it up. The show ended in 2017 and in that time there's been little sign of movement on Stitchers season 4. That could change, but it appears the show is likely done.

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