What Stitchers Season 4 Would Have Been About

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The show was sadly canceled after three seasons in 2017 but what would Stitchers season 4 have been about? Stitchers is a sci-fi show that added a fresh, Inception inspired twist on the traditional crime procedural, where the main characters are able to dive - AKA "stitch" - into the memories of the recently deceased in order to solve crimes.

Stitchers follows Kirsten, played by Emma Ishta. as she's recruited to join this top-secret program since she's uniquely well-suited for the job since her parents created the program. The show's cool hook and likable characters made it a cult favorite, but the lukewarm ratings for the series led to it being canceled. While fans campaigned for another network like The CW (The 100) to pick it, its appears Stitchers season 4 won't be happening.

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This is a pity, because not only was it a fun sci-fi series, the third season ended on a major cliffhanger that would have played into Stitchers season 4. "Maternis" was a particularly dramatic episode for Kirsten and the team, with her father Daniel Stinger (C. Thomas Howell) finally being tracked down and arrested, alongside the pod containing her comatose mother Jacqueline.

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Kirsten then has to stitch into her mother's mind to wake her up, and Stinger reveals the nanobots in Kirsten's brain is what makes stitching possible. Kirsten succeeds in kind of waking her mother from the coma, but in the final scene of the episode, she appears to have suffered amnesia and doesn't remember love interest/teammate Cameron - until a mysterious figure walks in and it becomes clear Kirsten is faking the memory loss and is being forced to lie.

Stitchers season 4 would have picked up from this cliffhanger, though it's still unknown who the mystery figure was intended to be. Many fans believe it to be Salli Richardson's (I Am Legend) team leader Maggie, who doesn't want Cameron and Kirsten's - dubbed Camsten by Stitchers fans - potential relationship to damage the program. The season would have revolved around new revelations about Kirsten's place in the program, the team coming to learn her memory loss is a cover and developed other subplots, including Amanda and Camille moving in together and Kirsten's mother potentially waking up.

The end of season 3 was supposed to provide something of a clean slate for Stitchers season 4. Star Kyle Harris (The Blacklist: Redemption) also suggested a storyline about the program becoming public knowledge and the team having to deal with the outcry over private memories being accessed, but it's unknown if this would have been actually been a part of the fourth season.

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