Steven Universe The Movie SDCC Poster & Trailer Confirm Premiere Date

Steven Universe The Movie SDCC 2019

Cartoon Network releases a Steven Universe The Movie poster and trailer, confirming the feature-length TV film's premiere date. It's been quite a few years since Steven Universe season 1 originally premiered on Cartoon Network back in late 2013, but the show has grown a large, dedicated base of fans - both young and old. Most recently, Steven Universe wrapped up season 5 with a series of episodes subtitled "Diamond Days," which featured Steven coming face to face with the leaders of the Gem Homeworld: Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond and White Diamond. He also revealed to them, after discovering it for himself earlier in season 5, that Steven was the offspring of Pink Diamond and a human man.

It took some time for Steven to win over the Diamonds, but he eventually did and brought them back to Earth with him. Steven mending fences with the other Diamonds essentially brought to a close a storyline Steven Universe has been exploring since season 1 - one that included discovering his mother's true identity and dealing with the consequences of her actions when she led a rebellion against Homeworld. Now, the adventure continues in a new TV movie. Recently, the Steven Universe The Movie poster was released, which further teased the villain of the film. Now fans can get a better look at the movie thanks to its trailer.

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During the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, creator Rebecca Sugar unveiled a Steven Universe The Movie trailer and behind the scenes video, along with a poster that confirms the movie's September 2nd premiere date. Check them out, below.

Steven Universe The Movie poster premiere date

Previously, Sugar confirmed the movie takes place two years after the season 5 finale, which is evidenced in the slightly different design of Steven - he has a neck now! The villain was first teased last year during San Diego Comic-Con, when Steven Universe: The Movie was announced with a teaser trailer that included her silhouette and evil cackle. She was then further revealed on the poster, but her identity remained a mystery to fans (though some had theories about the gem's potential identity and reason for terrorizing Steven in the movie).

Considering Steven Universe has such a devoted fan base, and Sugar and her team first announced the movie at last year's Comic-Con, it makes sense for much more information about the film to be revealed this year. The Steven Universe The Movie trailer will hopefully tide fans over until it actually premieres. And thankfully, since Steven Universe The Movie is premiering in 2019, fans won't have to wait too much longer before they get to reunite with Steven and the Crystal Gems for their next adventure.

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Steven Universe: The Movie will premiere September 2 on Cartoon Network.

Source: Cartoon Network

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