Steven Universe The Movie Poster Reveals First Look At New Gem Villain

The Steven Universe The Movie poster reveals a better look at the mysterious new Gem villain set to appear in the upcoming Cartoon Network film. Steven Universe season 1 premiered back in late 2013 on Cartoon Network and has aired a total of five seasons over the course of the ensuing years. The series follows Steven (Zach Callison), the son of Crystal Gem leader Rose Quartz (though her real identity was revealed in season 5) and a human man named Greg Universe (Tom Scharpling). Steven was raised by Rose's closest friends - Garnet (Estelle), Pearl (Deedee Magno) and Amethyst (Michaela Dietz) - who were part of a resistance against the leaders of the Gems, the Diamonds.

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Late last year, Cartoon Network kicked off a series of episodes called Steven Universe: Diamond Days, which featured Steven confronting Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond and their leader White Diamond. The Steven Universe season 5 finale, "Change Your Mind," resolved the storyline of conflict between the Diamonds and the Crystal Gems, which has been a thread throughout the entire series. However, there's still more adventures to come since Cartoon Network and series creator Rebecca Sugar announced Steven Universe The Movie at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Now, ahead of SDCC 2019, the first poster has been revealed.

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As reported by EW, Cartoon Network unveiled the first Steven Universe The Movie poster, featuring Steven, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl with the shadow of the mysterious Gem villain looming over them. The official logline for the movie is: "Steven thinks his time defending the Earth is over, but when a new threat comes to Beach City, Steven faces his biggest challenge yet." Check out the poster below.

Steven Universe The Movie Poster

Although the identity of this new villain has yet to be revealed, her cackle could be heard during the initial Steven Universe The Movie teaser that debuted at SDCC last year. She also seems to be characterized by the upside-down heart-shaped gem in her chest, which might indicate she has a connection to Rose Quartz - who was revealed to be Pink Diamond in season 5. As for other hints from the poster, it's clear the movie will take place in Beach City, though it'll likely be some time after the season 5 finale given Steven's new duds and the changes to his beachfront home as seen in the lower right hand corner.

All in all, the Steven Universe The Movie poster doesn't reveal too much about what fans can expect from the feature-length adventure. But, with Steven Universe holding a panel at SDCC 2019 (Friday July 19 at 1pm PT/4pm ET), it's likely Sugar and Cartoon Network will unveil the full trailer and confirm its premiere date at the event. Of course, that remains to be seen, but considering this poster dropped a week before SDCC, it seems all the more likely. So fans should prepare themselves for the return of Steven and the Crystal Gems in Steven Universe The Movie.

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Steven Universe The Movie premieres later this year on Cartoon Network.

Source: EW

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