The 10 Best Gifts For The Steven Universe Fan In Your Life

With Steven Universe recently finishing its fifth season and a feature-length film on the way, it's a great time to be a fan of the show. Featuring well-composed music, diverse characters, and plenty of questions that still need to be answered, it's easy to get engrossed in the adventures of Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst.

The fanbase is massive for this unique show, so there's a good chance that you know a few Steven Universe fans in your life. If you're looking for a gift to get for fans of the show, look no further than our comprehensive gift guide.


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Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis is more geared towards Cartoon Network fans rather than Steven Universe fans, but the latter will have plenty to enjoy in the box. Being a deck-builder game, players will choose their own equipment and take on some of the network's greatest antagonists.

Among the shows represented in the box, Steven Universe is one of the big ones. One player can play as Steven and build their deck accordingly. Another thing to note is that this game is compatible with other deck-builders from Cerberus Engine. That said, it's designed to work as a standalone set, so you won't need to purchase anything else.


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Steven Universe is widely praised for its art and structure, and any fan is bound to want to know more about it. That's why we'd recommend Steven Universe: Art and Origins. This book details all the creative input that went into making the show as well as certain design choices that went to define it.

This book includes early storyboards, exclusive concept art of the characters and locations, and even shows how the team works to create each episode. The book gives fans a breakdown of the show's history as well, making it the ultimate book for any fan of the show.


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One of the best parts of Steven Universe is its music. We're not necessarily referring to the musical numbers that the characters break out into during the show, but more the music that occurs in the background. It's whimsical yet fun, which perfectly replicates the tone of the show.

It always seems to know when to escalate and when to dial it back. Any fan will likely appreciate the soundtrack, so a great gift would be the Complete Vol. 1 Soundtrack. This vinyl album contains 36 songs and comes with an MP3 version with each purchase. You can also buy it digitally to save a few dollars.


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Fusion in Steven Universe is one of its biggest elements. Being allegorical for a relationship, it can only happen when two gems (or a gem and a human) are completely in sync. They combine to form a larger and more powerful version of themselves.

This leads to many excellent moments in the show as well as some of its best characters. For those that want to appreciate Fusion a bit more, the Fusion for Beginners and Experts book makes for a great gift. It's a simple book that details more about how Fusions work and what it is to be a Fusion.


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For fans of Steven Universe, it stands to reason that they'll want to cherish this show forever. What better way to do that than have hard copies of the show? The complete first season for Steven Universe is the introduction to the series. It brings the audience into the world of Beach City as well as Steven's struggles to be like his mom.

We get the breakdown on who the Crystal Gems are and what their mission is. While the first season is arguably the weakest in the series, it is where everything starts and where all the questions are raised that will be answered in future episodes.



Many coffee mugs are easily altered by slapping some character art or given a logo to look cool. However, Steven Universe fans have a much more visually interesting mug to choose. The Steven Universe coffee mug doesn't just put Steven on the side.

Instead, it's a pink mug with yellow trim and a star in the center. It's a simple yet elegant design that perfectly captures Steven's typical t-shirt. Any Steven Universe fan is sure to appreciate this mug. While they might not use it in favor of keeping the design looking pristine, it makes for a great decoration too.


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Lion was a pink lion who was previously owned by Rose Quartz. When Steven and the Crystal Gems went to the desert, Lion found Steven and became his pet. It was quickly discovered that Lion had a lot of power, but it also had a lot of attitude and failed to listen to Steven on numerous occasions.

All these factors combine to make a Lion a fan favorite character. That's why a Lion plush would be an excellent gift for Steven Universe fans. It's a big plush that has all the right details to capture the spirit of Steven's pet lion.


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Connie is Steven's best friend who was introduced a few episodes into the first season. She was raised by overprotective parents but learned to come out of her shell the more she hung out with Steven. She ended up learning how to use a sword when trained by Pearl.

During her training, she wore a more athletic outfit, complete with bandaging on her right arm to prevent callouses. That version of Connie is replicated with this Funko Pop! figure. While it doesn't come with Rose's sword, it's still an excellent figure that gets all the details correct. It'll look great on display.



By now, you probably know how franchise tie-ins for Monopoly work. They don't play any differently from classic Monopoly, but instead change all the locations, railroads, and events to things that come from the franchise. In Steven Universe Monopoly, players will purchase various locations from the show, including Empire City and the Big Donut.

Players can each use pieces designed after Peridot's limb enhancers, Garnet's gauntlet, and even Steven's ukulele. Instead of houses and hotels, players will put down gem shards and gem clusters respectively. If you want to get a Steven Universe fan to play Monopoly, this is the way to do it.


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Some Steven Universe fans might've been a bit dissatisfied with how the show brushed over Ruby and Sapphire's blossoming relationship after they first fused. However, they can have their satisfaction with The Answer.

The book, written by show creator Rebecca Sugar, details the time that Ruby and Sapphire spent on Earth after they left Blue Diamond and how Garnet came to be the powerful leader she is in the present. The book features stellar illustration that evokes the design of the show. It's a bit of a simple read, but it's sure to enamor any fan of Steven Universe.

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