Steven Universe Future: Movie & Season 6 Updates

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Here’s what we know about Steven Universe’s future, including the movie and season 6 of the show. Steven Universe follows the adventures of the title character, a young boy who is also half-Gem. He lives in Beach City with the alien race Crystal Gems and his pet lion, and he must use his powers to help them protect the town from various alien threats. While the show has plenty of action and comedy it also tackles some mature themes and issues too.

Steven Universe has become beloved by fans young and old for its mixture of cool sci-fi themes, great characters, catchy musical numbers, and the show’s warm heart. The Steven Universe season 5 finale “Change Your Mind” acted as something of a perfect finale to the series, however, and Cartoon Network have yet to confirm the future of the show.

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What is known is that a Steven Universe movie is on the way, which is currently set to air in Fall 2019. Staff involved with the show have suggested “Change Your Mind” acted as an ending to the current version of the show, leading to speculation the movie could wrap up the whole franchise. There’s also very little known about the storyline of Steven Universe: The Movie with a teaser trailer hinting the villain will be a Homeworld Gem.

In regards to Steven Universe season 6, creator Rebecca Sugar confirmed “Change Your Mind” was the culmination of the story that started back in season 1 but suggested the franchise will continue in a new form. What that form will be currently isn’t known and while there are hints Cartoon Network actually is working on the sixth season, it has yet to be confirmed. The suggestion of more to come could also just refer to the upcoming Steven Universe: The Movie and not a brand new season.

“Change Your Mind” really did act as an ending for several important arcs on the show, so Steven Universe season 6 would likely look very different to what’s come before. The season 5 finale acted as an emotional turning point for the main character himself too. Given the way the show has matured and evolved in the years since it began, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if season 6 was a complete reinvention. That said, given the radio silence over the TV show's fate, fans might have to wait until Steven Universe: The Movie airs before anything is confirmed. Steven’s story could continue on in the form of more movies too.

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