5 Steven Universe Fan Theories That Could Be True (& 5 We Hope Are False)

As the release date of Steven Universe: The Movie approaches, the number of fan theories about the award-winning animated show’s lore and characters only continues to increase. The most recent season finale may seem conclusive, but the movie’s mere existence – and the fact that it takes place two years later – has sparked intrigue and curiosity among long-time fans.

Further fueling these hypotheses and speculations are the recently released material from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), where the movie’s trailer finally debuted and the Crewniverse gave some clues on what to expect. With the new teasers in mind, here are 5 Steven Universe fan theories that may be true and 5 that we hope stay as nothing more than guesses.


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10 Hope It’s False: Jenny Wakeman Is The Movie’s Villain

As of this writing, details regarding Steven Universe: The Movie are cryptic at best, with only a vague trailer and a poster to go by. Fans have since resorted to grasping at straws to answer some questions, with some jokingly hypothesizing that XJ-9 Jenny Wakeman is the movie’s villain because of their similar silhouettes.

Obviously this Steven Universe and My Life As A Teenage Robot crossover is next to impossible, but it’s still hard not to imagine how ludicrous it would be to see a genocidal XJ-9 threatening Earth with a giant drill.

9 Could Be True: Pearl's Secret Rap Career

The Steven Universe fanbase is responsible for creating some of the most intricate theories and deep fried memes ever concocted by a show’s community, with the most popular of the latter being Pearl’s secret rap career.

Based on MKatwood’s miniseries that synced a verse from The Party’s song "L.A." that Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl’s voice actress) rapped with the show's footage, the generally accepted canon is that Pearl did in fact lay down some of the sickest rhymes before Steven was born. The Crewniverse and showrunner Rebecca Sugar have yet to confirm or deny the existence of Pearl’s recording history.

8 Hope It’s False: Onion Is Yellow Diamond

One of the oldest and silliest theories in all of Steven Universe is that Onion is actually Yellow Diamond in disguise, or is at least an undercover Gem that’s allied with her. The “evidence” used to justify this is based on his appearance, specifically his sharp yellow hair and lack of ears – a common feature among Gems.

The show’s events and each character’s individual arcs contradict this theory, but it stuck around because of how amusingly ridiculous it was. To this day, some fans (ironically) speculate that Steven’s silent friend is the most hotheaded Diamond's vessel or spy.

7 Could Be True: A Union Between Homeworld and Earth

After years of hostility, the Crystal Gems and the Diamond Authority finally end their war and declare peace. Even if the latest season ends without explicitly showing the ensuing peace, it’s safe to guess that their home planets are now living in harmony.

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The movie takes place two years after the latest season finale, and some fans are hoping that the two worlds have been interacting with one another during the time in between. Now that Homeworld and Earth are on good terms, the two may have been teaching each other about their respective cultures and technology.

6 Hope It’s False: Ronaldo The Crystal Gem

In one of the show’s most hated episodes, Ronaldo – Beach City’s resident conspiracy theorist – tries to become a Crystal Gem despite misunderstanding everything about them and their history. Though Ronaldo has since redeemed himself, the door is still (technically) open for his Gemsona Bloodstone to return.

With so few details about Steven Universe’s movie and future to work with, some have been dreading the possible return of the entitled and obnoxious Bloodstone, who is one of the show’s most despised characters. Hopefully, Ronaldo comes back but without this insensitive persona.

5 Could Be True: Diamond Fusion

One of Homeworld’s many draconian laws forbids the act of Fusing, since it supposedly defies the natural order and each Gem’s predetermined purpose. But now that the Diamonds have seen the errors of their ways, the possibility of them fusing isn’t just likely but plausible.

The Diamond Authority has been in power before life on Earth and they’ve upheld their traditions for the longest time, meaning they’ve also been missing out on a lot. Now that even White Diamond is open to new possibilities, the Diamonds could (among other things) try fusing with one another or with other gems.

4 Hope It’s False: Steven Outlives Everyone

Unlike people, Gems can live for thousands of years. Steven – a gem/human hybrid – could also live for eons and retain his youth so as long as he stays young at heart, but the same can’t be said for everyone in Beach City.

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This has led fans to fear that Steven will outlive all of his human loved ones, especially his dad Greg and his girlfriend Connie. While the Crystal Gems will be around for as long he is, the mere thought of Steven being (technically) immortal but alone is enough to make even the most stoic fans cry.

3 Could Be True: Lapidot

One of the most enduring ships of Steven Universe is that of Lapis Lazuli and Peridot, which fans have dubbed “Lapidot.” The two share ample screen time and their relationship does blossom as the episodes go by, but it’s not officiated or finalized by the series’ end.

To this day, supporters of the two continue to hope for a wedding on par with that of Ruby and Sapphire, if only to make things between Lapis and Peridot official. Only time will tell if the two will take their relationship up a notch or keep things the way they are.

2 Hope It’s False: Everyone Dies In The Movie

It has yet to be confirmed, but many fans think that the upcoming movie could be the grand finale for Steven Universe as a whole. With the trailer’s dark tone and sense of finality, some are even guessing that the movie will end everything by killing everyone on Earth.

After years of developing a cast of well-rounded people and Gems, it would be needlessly bleak to just end all life on Earth and let the currently nameless villain win just like that. While tragic character deaths won’t be too surprising, killing everyone just seems unfair and unwarranted.

1 Could Be True: The Movie Is The Start Of Something New

On the other hand, the Steven Universe movie may be the end for the show’s current version that harkens its forthcoming evolution. One of the biggest changes in the movie is Steven’s age, as he’s now 16 years old and finally grew a neck.

Just like how the original Ben 10 continued with a sequel series starring a now teenaged Ben, the same could be said for Steven and the Crystal Gems. The war between the Diamonds and the Crystal Gems may finally be over, but that doesn’t mean Steven and family are done going on adventures together.

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