Steven Soderbergh's Unsane Gets a 2018 Release Date

Steven Soderbergh's new film is a horror movie filmed entirely on iPhone and stars The Crown's Claire Foy as a woman facing her fears.

Steven Soderbergh's horror film Unsane has gotten an official Spring 2018 theatrical release date. The director's next major project after Logan Lucky was previously confirmed to have been filmed entirely by iPhone, but details regarding the movie beyond that were sparse, beyond the identification of some of its cast members. Now, however, the actual storyline for the film has been revealed, as part of the release date announcement.

Soderbergh is a prolific filmmaker, arguably best known for his Ocean's Eleven trilogy and critically acclaimed movies like Sex, Lies, and Videotape. After once declaring his desire to step away from feature films for a while, he has nevertheless been amazingly busy recently as evidenced by the release of Logan Lucky, and non-directing duties on such TV shows as The Knick and The Girlfriend Experience. The filming of Unsane has apparently been completed for some time and was shot alongside some of his most recent work. It marks Soderbergh's commitment to produce experimental productions alongside his bigger-budgeted movies and shows, having been shot using only iPhones. The lead actress in the film is Claire Foy (The Crown), who will also been seen as the new Lisbeth Salander in the upcoming The Girl in the Spider's Web.

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As reported by Deadline, Unsane has now been given a confirmed release date for distribution. The horror film will hit theaters on March 23, 2018. This news has also been accompanied by a short synopsis of the plot, which is as follows:

Netflix The Crown Claire Foy

"[The film] centers on a young woman (Foy) who is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear - but is it real or is it a product of her delusion?"

As far as originality goes, the storyline bears comparison with other genre movies like John Carpenter's The Ward (with Amber Heard) or Halle Berry in Gothika, and is a familiar horror trope. Still, with Soderbergh at the helm, and the presumably intimate filming technique that he's utilized, it should make for an interesting and possibly scary experience. The movie also has a very strong cast that includes such names as Juno Temple (Killer Joe), Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project), SNL alum Jay Pharaoh, and Amy Irving (Carrie).

Unsane was made in conjunction with Bleecker Street, and will be the second collaboration that the New York-based distribution company has had with Soderbergh after Logan Lucky. That film was unusual for the fact that the director had full oversight of its marketing campaign, which is very rare for any studio production. Also in keeping with that movie, Soderbergh will be self-distributing Unsane via Fingerprint Releasing and Bleecker Street. It should be noted that March 2018 will be a busy time at the theaters, with Pacific Rim: Uprising being just one movie released on the same day as Unsane. Apart from that, the thought of a horror movie from Soderbergh is still an exciting prospect, especially with the cast involved and we look forward to seeing further information about the film.

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Unsane arrives March 23, 2018.

Source: Deadline

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