• Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America but could he still return for the MCU Phase 4? 1 / 11

  • After defeating Thanos, Steve goes back in time and spent his life with Peggy Carter. 2 / 11

  • Steve returns to the primary as an old man and passes the role of Captain America to Sam Wilson. 3 / 11

  • With the presence of alternate timelines, could the Avengers find another Steve Rogers to help fight? 4 / 11

    Captain America The Winter Soldier Steve Rogers Butt Vertical
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home even suggests there are other dimensions through the presence of Mysterio. 5 / 11

    Jake Gyllenhaal As Mysterio In Spider-Man Far From Home
  • It's possible the older version of Steve would mentor Sam as he transitions into Cap. 6 / 11

  • Sam taking over as Captain America will probably be a focus of the upcoming Disney+ series. 7 / 11

  • The real question is whether or not Chris Evans would return to Marvel. 8 / 11

    Chris Evans as Captain America
  • Evans has no upcoming appearances planned in the MCU as his contract is up. 9 / 11

  • But anything is possible for Chris Evans and his decisions for the future. 10 / 11

    Joe Russo and Chris Evans Vertical
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