Steve McQueen Biopic In The Works

There are actors and then there are those who transcend that label to become cinematic icons. And I don't think anyone would disagree that Steve McQueen was, and still is, one of those icons--one loved by film fans across the globe.

Well, it appears that in further recognition of McQueen's impact on the world of film, a biopic about his life is in the works, which is to be based on the 1993 biography written by Marshall Terill, Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel.

The film will be produced by Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters, who both acquired the rights to make it, alongside Brian Oliver and Chuck Rock of Arthaus Productions.

The project will mainly concentrate on McQueen's Hollywood career, which started in 1956 with Somebody Up There Likes Me, but the biography also includes details of his off-screen inclinations towards motorbikes, fast-cars and drugs.

Well this is just fantastic news, although I'm actually surprised it's taken so long for a biopic of the legend to get made. As I said above, McQueen really is an icon and I would be extremely interested to see his life explored on-screen.

No word yet on who will play McQueen, which is understandable since the project hasn't been long announced, but well-received suggestions of Daniel Craig have already popped up on message boards around the Web. And even though Craig playing the role is really just wishful thinking at this stage, I still wouldn't rule the possibility out. Craig is not that dissimilar in look to McQueen and films like Flashbacks of a Fool, Defiance and of course the Bond films (well, at least Casino Royale), have shown us he's got a lot of acting talent.

So, are you glad that they're finally adapting Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel for the screen? And who do you think could fill the shoes of the acting legend?

Sources: Coming Soon and Variety

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