Netflix’s Steve Martin & Martin Short Comedy Special Gets A Trailer

Netflix premieres the trailer for Steve Martin and Martin Short's comedy special An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest Of Your Life. Back in the day, HBO was the undisputed home of the TV comedy special. But after snagging an impressive array of talent, Netflix has now taken over that particular hilarious crown.

The Netflix comedy line-up has been truly outstanding and only figures to get better in coming months. Earlier in 2018, the streaming service premiered Tamborine, Chris Rock's first stand-up special since 2008. On New Year's Eve, Netflix dropped not one but two new Dave Chappelle specials. In the coming months, Netflix will debut a new special from their in-house comedian Adam Sandler. John Mulaney also got his own special on the streaming service. Netflix too revived the all-star charity comedy special with Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity.

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Proving there is no comedy special they can't pull off, Netflix has even convinced Steve Martin and Martin Short to team up for their own night of hilarity...and banjo. In the first trailer for Short and Martin's An Evening You Will Forget For the Rest of Your Life, two of the Three Amigos hit the stage for what looks like a night of old-fashioned variety show hijinks. Get ready for grandpa jokes galore by checking out the trailer above.

Martin Short and Steve Martin on Netflix

Long before he decided to become a full-time banjo player, Martin was of course one of the first rock stars of stand-up. The legendary performer has long-since mellowed, meaning he no longer comes out with a fake arrow through his head or does the King Tut dance. Short, on the other hand, skipped the stand-up career, starting out on television with SCTV and SNL before becoming a film star. He did however later become a stage actor, receiving a Tony Award for the musical Little Me. Martin and Short most famously starred together on-screen in Three Amigos, along with Chevy Chase. Short also had a hilarious appearance as the mad wedding planner in Martin's Father of the Bride and its sequel.

Judging by the special's trailer, Martin spends the evening we will forget for the rest of our lives acting as the straight man while Short goes into full crazy mode. Yes, Short does bring out his greatest character Jiminy Glick, but in some kind of bizarre puppet form. And it wouldn't be a Martin performance if he didn't get out his banjo. Once upon a time, Martin used to play the banjo for weird comic effect, but now he's just a straight-forward world-renowned bluegrass banjo player. And occasionally he still lets himself be funny (but not as funny as Short).

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