Steve Jobs Trailer #2: Michael Fassbender Creates the Future

The movie Steve Jobs, adapted from Walter Isaacson’s bestselling authorized biography of the late Apple co-founder, has had something of a tumultuous production history. Lead actors (Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio) and top directors (David Fincher) shuffled in and out of the project, and its original studio (Sony) even dropped it, with some not-so-positive stuff about the project coming out in the Sony leaks. However eventually, it settled in at Universal, with Michael Fassbender starring as Jobs and Oscar-winner Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) directing.

Steve Job's first trailer and TV commercials have been generally well-received, though, and when the film was shown to audiences at the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals, critical reception was mostly positive- with movie having earned a 90% fresh Rotten Tomatoes score, based on the first ten reviews. Even the real-life Steve Wozniak like it.

Now, we have a new trailer for the Steve Jobs movies, as can be watched above. The two-minute trailer begins with Jobs talking about a game-changing computer (read: the original MacIntosh), followed by alternating scenes from throughout Jobs’ life and career, from product announcements to fights with his first wife over his daughter Lisa. By the end Jobs- with a notably different haircut- is returning to Apple in the 1990s and introducing the iMac.

Indeed, Steve Jobs has been largely praised thus far for its unconventional biopic narrative format, as crafted by Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network). Sorkin's screenplay is structured around three key Apple product launches, exploring Jobs' life and character through these events, rather than attempting to encompass every "important event" that happened in the man's lifetime (a la the 2013 biopic Jobs, which was generally not well-received).

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs

This film has much going for it. Jobs' story is an interesting one, and it seems audiences can’t get enough of it. Fassbender is a first-rate actor at the top of his game, helped by a strong supporting cast of Seth Rogen, Kate Winslet and Jeff Daniels. Boyle, a director known for showcasing visual expanses full of pretty colors, also seems a perfect match for Apple’s design aesthetic - especially since the movie touches on the iMac era - and while Aaron Sorkin’s writing style certainly isn’t for everyone, this material seems a great fit for him, too.

On the other hand? This is the second Jobs movie of 2015 (after Alex Gibney's documentary Jobs: The Man in the Machine), and there are only so many ways to tell the same story. Boyle's film should easily out-perform other movies denounced in leaked Sony executives emails (Pixels, Aloha), but some may still be left wondering if a version starring Christian Bale and directed by David Fincher would've been even better.

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Steve Jobs will continue its festival run with an October 3rd, 2015 showing at the New York Film Festival. Its New York and Los Angeles theatrical openings are scheduled for October 9th, with a wide release to follow October 23rd.

Source: Universal Pictures

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