David Fincher in Talks to Direct Steve Jobs Biopic

David Fincher on the set of 'The Social Network'

There's something about rags-to-riches stories that has timeless appeal no matter how many different ways they're told, probably because there are a lot of people sitting around in rags (figuratively speaking) and dreaming of getting rich. The Social Network, the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, was a major success for screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher, winning three Academy Awards and nominated in a further five categories after its release in 2010.

Now it seems that The Social Network's writer and director - along with producer Scott Rudin - might reteam again for another tech success story. Following on from the release of Joshua Michael Stern's Steve Jobs biopic Jobs last year, Sony Pictures is producing a new biopic based on the authorized biography "Steve Jobs", by Walter Isaacson.

Variety reports that Fincher is currently in early talks to direct the biopic, which is as-yet untitled, as he finishes up post-production on his thriller Gone Girl. With Sorkin and Rudin already involved it makes sense that Fincher would be a top pick to try and recreate The Social Network's appeal and hopefully outdo Jobs' relatively meager box office performance.

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Structurally, the film will be comprised of "three scenes, and three scenes only," according to an interview with Sorkin published by The Daily Beast. Each scene will take place backstage just prior to the launch of one of Steve Jobs' landmark products - first the original Macintosh computer, then the NeXT, then the iPod. There will be no time cuts, so that half an hour for the on-screen Jobs is also half an hour for the audience.

Stern's film had a more traditional structure that followed the tech innovator from his early days as a college drop-out right through to his later successes. Sorkin has said that, "it's very difficult to shake the cradle-to-grave structure of a biography," which is why he opted to write a script with just three scenes instead.

The approach should be enough to radically differentiate Sony's film from last year's biopic, and if Fincher is secured as a director then this could definitely work as a fresh look back at Jobs' career.


We'll keep you updated on Sony's Steve Jobs biopic as development continues.

Source: Variety

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