Steve Guttenberg Is Making a Comedy Comeback & It's a Time-Travel Movie!

Actor Steve Guttenberg is making a comedy comeback, and this time it’s in a time-travel movie called Stuck!. Star of such well-known 1980s comedy titles as the spoof-laden Police Academy movies, Short Circuit, the Three Men and a Baby series and the Cocoon series, Guttenberg was a household name in the early days of a TV and film career that kicked off in the late 1970s.

Despite a lengthy resume that has seen the star continuously get work over the years (regardless of budget or popularity), Guttenberg’s career could be said to have peaked with the string of Police Academy films he did from 1984-1987. After making a name for himself in the 1980s and early 1990s, Guttenberg’s popularity began to wane and his starring roles began to dry up. In later years, it was more likely to hear his name in jest, as even The Simpsons took a shot at his apparently perplexing one-time rise to fame.

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As everyone knows, however, Hollywood is a town that loves a comeback. And, according to a new press release from Drastique Pictures, producers of the “ultra-low budget” film Stuck!, Guttenberg is back for a comedic time-traveling adventure. In fact, the film will reunite Guttenberg with his Police Academy co-star, Leslie Easterbrook. It will be released in Europe first, with a digital release planned soon after.


The plot of Stuck! revolves around a group of scientists who, in a bid to discover a time-travel serum, learn that gluten has been preventing human beings from visiting the past and future. The film takes place over the course of one day, when one of the scientists realizes that her gluten-free diet allows her to time-travel. Of course, as is often the case with time-travel, it causes more problems than it fixes and the cast of Stuck! is quickly thrown into chaos. That being said, Hungarian filmmakers Martin Csaba and Kala Czupi have pointed out that their film - which was shot in 9 days in Los Angeles - is more Clerks than Back to the Future, and that the time travel portion takes a backseat to the film’s relationship drama. In addition to Guttenberg and Police Academy co-star Easterbrook, Stuck! also stars Tom Hanks’ brother Jim.

It's certainly been a long time since Guttenberg has been cast in a role that would make anyone stand up and take notice. As previously mentioned, Guttenberg’s career has been dotted with more low-budget roles than successful ones over the years, and it’s unlikely that Stuck! is going to be the film that gains him more mainstream attention. However, Guttenberg still deserves credit for doing what he loves even when, in 2019, his name fails to elicit the same recognition it once did. Stuck! may not be the film that rockets Guttenberg back into the limelight, but it just might be a lot of fun, regardless.

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Source: Drastique Pictures

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