Steve Carell To Star & Produce Testosterone Comedy

Steve Carell

Steve Carell is undertaking another inevitable comedy gold mine project. Since he’s already tackled virginity, (The 40 Year Old Virgin), and mental retardation (Anchorman), he’s now set to play a man with testosterone problems in Hi-T for Warner Bros. Pictures. Carell is set to star and produce the comedy through his production company Carousel Productions.

The project will be produced by Vance Degeneres and Charlie Hartstock, Carell’s partners at Carousel Productions. As we as, Bob Cooper who’s been working on this project since it was in development at New Line Cinema. The screen play is being written by Kim Barker who’s most recent project was the comedy License to Wed.

Hi-T is a comedy about about a man’s life after an accident that forces him to take testosterone injects and causes him to have incredible mood swings.

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