Steve Carell's Final Episode Of 'The Office' To Air April 28

Steve Carell & the ladies of The Office.

The time has come to begin counting down Steve Carell’s final episodes of The Office. Unfortunately, his swan song is more nearing than you might think.

Four days after Steve Carell finished filming his final episode of The Office, it was announced that said episode would air on April 28. While that date is more than a month away, the series will be on hiatus until March 24. Following the airing of that episode, the series will go on another hiatus until April 14.

For those unable to keep up with NBC’s erratic programming decisions, this means that there are only two episodes left before Steve Carell’s two-part farewell begins on April 14. With the title “Goodbye, Michael,” one can only guess what the subject matter of these episodes will be. While the title may state the eventual outcome, the means by which this will happen still remain unknown.

As Michael and Holly (Amy Ryan) have quickly become the office’s newest (annoying) couple, one might expect that Michael would leave Dunder Mifflin to live a paper-less life with his true-live. Of course, for those fans that have been keeping up with their series knowledge, you’ll know that…


Michael will propose to Holly in the March 24 episode. Even though Holly’s response has yet to be revealed, the fact that this will be her final episode of The Office for season 7 may be telling.


Of course, with Steve Carell on his way out, many people wonder exactly what future the series may have without its star. While many series in the past have attempted to exchange its leads with replacements, very few have been able to successfully accomplish this task without disappointing their core fanbase.

The Office Michael Scott Replacement

To help with the fan-expected comedic nosedive of The Office, Will Ferrell will be stepping in for four episodes this season. In order for Michael Scott’s exit to be as enjoyable as possible, Ferrell will guest starring in several episode leading up to Carell's exit and a few following . The extent of Ferrell’s role has yet to be revealed, but considering Ferrell’s character will only be around for a month, one can only hope that his character will not a play part in Michael Scott’s departure.

As usual, we’ll have to wait until it’s nearer to the Carell’s April 28 farewell to learn more details. Until then, let the speculation being.


The Office returns March 24 @8pm, on NBC

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