TV News: Lang Confirmed For 'Terra Nova'; Abrams' 'Alcatraz' To Air On Fox

Actor Stephen Lang has officially signed on for the sci-fi series 'Terra Nova', while J.J. Abrams has landed a deal with Fox for his new TV drama 'Alcatraz'.

The cast of the upcoming Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi show Terra Nova now officially counts Stephen Lang among its ranks.  Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams' new TV series, Alcatraz, has found a home at Fox.

Rumors that Lang was in negotiations to join Terra Nova arouse again this week and have now been confirmed by Deadline.  Lang played the ruthless Col. Miles Quaritch in James Cameron's Avatar and will star in Spielberg's prehistoric series as another military type, the tough but charismatic Commander Frank Taylor.

Abrams also appeared in the headlines recently, as he has been shopping around the spec script for Alcatraz, the latest TV show from his Bad Robot Productions.  The Fox TV network - which is home to another Abrams-produced series, Fringe - has picked up the prison drama and is committed to airing the pilot episode.

Both Spielberg and Abrams are production powerhouses and their involvement with Terra Nova and Alcatraz, respectively, assure that these shows will have some top-notch production values.  Nova is scheduled to air beginning Fall 2011.  Abrams' characteristically under-wraps project will likely begin airing a year from now as well.

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The cast of Abram's cult TV show 'Lost.'

Lost concluded its run this year and a number of fans are searching for a new TV show to rally around.  The premise of Terra Nova - scientists from the 22nd century travel back in time 85 million years to an age of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures  - is intriguing (if a bit too reminiscent of Land of the Lost and a number of sci-fi literary series) and the show could be popular with viewers no long able to concoct elaborate theories that would explain the mysteries of Lost.

It is not clear exactly what kind of show Alcatraz be will at this point.  The involvement of Abrams and Lost executive producer Elizabeth Sarnoff indicates that the show may be more than just a straightforward drama set on the titular prison island.

Which of these shows sounds more interesting?  Terra Nova or Alcatraz?  Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

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