Stephen Lang Confirms Don’t Breathe 2

Actor Stephen Lang has confirmed that a sequel to Don’t Breathe is in the works. The orginal horror thriller released in 2016, where it proved to be a solid hit with critics and audiences alike. Tallying an impressive 87% fresh rating with Rotten Tomatoes, it pulled in over $157 million on a budget of just under $10 million. With numbers like that, a follow-up was all but inevitable.

Don't Breathe told the story of three young thieves (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto) who attempt to rob a blind Gulf War veteran (Lang) after he's received a significant settlement from a car accident that resulted in the death of his daughter. The burglars soon find that they're in over their heads with their would-be victim, who's not nearly the easy target they assumed him to be. Their robbery attempt becomes a battle for survival, as the Blind Man has even more secrets to protect than he does cash in his safe.

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We've heard grumblings of a possible Don't Breathe 2 before, but in Screen Rant's interview with Stephen Lang, the star confirmed the rumors. When we asked if any sequel or prequel talks had taken place, Lang confidently responded, "Oh yeah, we’re doing a sequel." 

Since horror movies are often produced on reduced budgets, sequels are more common than they are with any other film genre. Even if the original film doesn't really leave the door open for a follow-up, movie studios usually find a way to make them happen. Thankfully, that's not the case with Don't Breathe, whose ending (SPOILER ALERT) saw Jane Levy's Rocky escape Lang's Blind Man with the stolen cash in tow. She left his home believing that he'd died as a result of their encounter, but in the closing moments of the film, Rocky learned that the Blind Man was indeed alive thanks to a conveniently timed news report she happened to see as she was skipping town.

Director Fede Álvarez and producer Sam Raimi have previously expressed excitement over the idea of a Don't Breathe 2, with the latter referring to their plans for a follow-up as "only the greatest idea for a sequel that I’ve ever heard! I’m not kidding!” Time will tell if the sequel manages to live up to the 2016 original, but given the enthusiasm of those involved, it sounds like Don't Breathe 2 will be a project to keep an eye out for. No production start date or release date has been announced as of yet.

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