Stephen Lang Wants to Play Cable, But Hasn't Been Asked

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The post-credit scene for Deadpool was essentially the final joke he makes about the state of comic book movies, but even then Ryan Reynolds, Tim Miller, and crew allowed themselves to follow suit with what many of the others have done. While taking a page from Ferris Bueler's Day Off and poking fun at other big blockbusters, Deadpool could not stop himself from making an announcement about his own sequel. His final tease was the announcement that when Deadpool 2 hit theaters, Cable would be one of the new additions to the cast. Deadpool himself suggested Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and Keira Knightly for the role, but the Internet has had different people in mind.

Among the prototypical lists of who should play the role, Stephen Lang has been one name consistently high on everyone's lists. Lang himself has already expressed interest in the role before, but throughout all the hype and questioning, the Avatar actor has now confirmed that he has not actually had any meetings for the role yet.

Lang recently spoke to Mashable to promote his new movie Don't Breathe, but that did not keep the topic away from him potentially playing the time traveling anti-hero. Lang himself at times has seemed to campaign for the role of Cable through playful wording on social media, but that has not seemed to get him very far in landing the role. As of this moment, he has not yet met with 20th Century Fox about the role, but continues to express interest if they happened to come calling:

Oh sure, I was a fan of the first Deadpool and I'd be delighted to be a part of that sequel, but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it. It kept cropping up on the internet that I should play Cable. The extent of what I did was, one day I was in the gym and I tweeted, "let's lay some Cable," and that became construed as my campaign for the part. Even now, if someone does fan art, I'll retweet it because I like keeping it alive. It's the same studio as Avatar, but I don’t know if that makes it easier or more difficult logistically. Either way, no one has approached me, and I can’t even say if I’m in the actual conversation. But they must be aware of it, because whoever makes those decisions must be aware of everything. Plus, I think I'd do a pretty bang-up job with the part. Having said that, understand that my obligation is to the largest, most successful film ever made, so Avatar takes precedence.


Lang is likely not wrong in thinking Fox knows people are interested in seeing him as Cable. After all, this is the same studio that decided to green light Deadpool after the Internet seemingly demanded it after the test footage "leaked." If he is chosen, Lang would provide the franchise with a guy who is recognizable enough to possibly bring in a few more people, but does not give them the options to franchise him out anytime soon.

Cable's introduction in Deadpool 2 is likely just the beginning for the character in Fox's X-Men universe. There have already been reports of their desire to make an X-Force movie, and Cable is certainly necessary to make that happen. He is the leader of the team after all and although Deadpool would probably appear in some capacity, he has his own line of movies to work on. Lang is a solid actor who could certainly look the part based on past fan art, but at 64 years old and four Avatar sequels on his slate, he may not be looking to lock himself into more long term contracts.

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Wolverine 3 opens in U.S. theaters on March 3rd, 2017, followed by unannounced X-Men films on October 6th, 2017, March 2nd, 2018, and June 29th, 2018. Deadpool 2, Gambit, New Mutants and X-Force are currently in development.

Source: Mashable

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