Stephen King Villains Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Stephen King is known for his horror stories, and without a villain, there can be no horror. King has a history of creating tremendous evil characters throughout his works and they are always fascinating to read about. Whether it's an evil clown or a teenaged girl who has developed telekinetic powers, his villains are always filled with animation and complexity that keeps us reading more. To honor his characters, here is a list of 10 Stephen King villains sorted into their Hogwarts houses.

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Carrie White from Stephen King's first big hit, Carrie, is an interesting character because she is both the hero and the villain of this story. It takes place in a small town in Maine, (as so many of King's stories do), and Carrie is a girl who simply wants to fit in. This becomes rather difficult when everyone in the school sees her as an easy target to pick on.

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Eventually, the teen gets revenge by using her powers of telekinesis to destroy everyone at prom. A little harsh, Carrie? That's probably an understatement. Although what she does in the end is pretty much an anti-Hufflepuff move, throughout the book/film she has all the values of this house. Despite being constantly bullied by her peers and her own mother, she remains extremely kind and loyal. Classic Hufflepuff.


Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining with The Stanley Hotel

In the film version of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the villain is known for being an angry husband and father who has a knack for swinging axes all over the place. In Stephen King's novel, his character is much more complex.

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Jack Torrance is a very intelligent individual as portrayed in the book, and he has experience as a professor as well as a writer. He is "all work and no play" and even though this makes him a bit of a dull boy, we know this is the sign of a total Ravenclaw.


While Teddy Duchamp isn't exactly your conventional Stephen King villain and he is certainly not evil by any means, he is definitely one of the most difficult characters in The Body (which has been adapted into the film Stand By Me by Rob Reiner). He is what causes the most problems in this story because his character is constantly creating trouble along the journey.

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For example, Teddy plays a game where he stands in front of a truck and only runs away seconds before he can get hit by the speeding vehicle. He loves living life on the edge which ultimately puts him and the rest of the boys in danger. His need for a thrill and his courage to do pretty much anything makes him a total Gryffindor.


In Stephen King's 2011 novel 11/22/63, a man named Jake Epping must travel back in time in order to prevent the JFK assassination. The main villain throughout the book is, of course, Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who is responsible for killing the president of the United States. Like most Slytherins, Oswald is ambitious in his goals and he will stop at nothing to get his name out there to the public, even if it is done through committing an act of pure evil. He is extremely cunning which is not uncommon for people in this house and that is why we believe he would fit perfectly in the house of Salazar Slytherin.


Brady Hartsfield is one of the most terrifying villains in all of King's works because unlike Pennywise the dancing clown, this kid is incredibly realistic. On the outside, Brady seems like any ordinary guy you might see on the street, yet the truth is he is pure evil. He has committed horrific acts of violence and murder simply for the thrill of it. Gryffindors are known for doing things "for the thrill of it" because they love to experience the rush. Brady almost likes knowing he could get caught at any moment and he sees his villainous actions as a sport for fun.


IT Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Pennywise

Pennywise from IT is the embodiment of all things evil, which is why most people think he should be in Slytherin. Although we can see him fitting in just fine in the house of Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape, we think he might be better suited as a Gryffindor. This is because he is fearless with his actions when it comes to terrifying the children of Derry and he often acts without considering the consequences. This behavior rings true for most Gryffindors who tend to act on impulse rather than thinking things out.


Lisey's story tells the tale of Lisey and Scott, (Scott being a famous author and Lisey being his dedicated wife). When Scott is killed at a reading, Lisey is met with threats from a stranger named "Zack McCool", (at least this is the silly name he gives her), who is out for all of Scott's unpublished works. Lisey won't give into McCool's threats, so in turn, he uses violence to get Scott's private writings. The fact that he is so desperate for written work and for books makes him an obvious Ravenclaw, although we don't think the average person in this house would go to such terrible measures to get their hands on a set of unpublished novels.


Annie Wilkes would not be the evil person that she is without the extreme isolation that she experiences throughout her life. What causes her character to go insane (and what eventually causes her to kidnap Paul Sheldon) is the fact that she spends so much of her time alone in the world. If she would instead surround herself with friends and loved ones, perhaps this situation would have never happened. Annie Wilkes seems like a Hufflepuff to us in that regard, because she needs human interaction in her life in order to be sane. Hufflepuffs are the best with people, so this is ultimately why we think she would have thrived in that house in an alternate universe.


Margaret White in Carrie

In Carrie,  the teenager's mother Mrs. White is the biggest antagonist in the novel and film. She thinks she is doing good by Carrie by "washing her from sin", but in reality, all she is doing is making Carrie's life miserable. Carrie's mother is constantly reading scripture and she takes everything she reads quite literally, using it as a guide throughout her life. Her obsession with reading and learning as much as she can is in the true nature of a Ravenclaw if you ask us.


Henry Bowers from IT reminds us of Draco Malfoy from the Potter series for a number of reasons. For one, they are both the ultimate bullies in their schools and they thrive off of the pain of others. Another reason these two characters are so similar is that they both commit all these acts of evil in order to please their fathers. If it wasn't for trying to please their dads, perhaps neither of them would be so sinister throughout the books. Because Draco is a Slytherin and the two are so similar, we think Henry would fit into this house just perfectly.

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