Stephen King Thinks Netflix Should Adapt His Novel Under the Dome

Under The Dome

Stephen King has suggested that Netflix should adapt his best-selling novel, Under the Dome. First published in 20o9, it was King's 58th book. Set in the small Maine town of Chester's Mill, Under the Dome follows the town's various inhabitants as they find themselves cut off from the rest of the world by an impassable, invisible barrier. With limited supplies and seemingly no way out, the residents battle to survive in the face of limited resources and the power-hungry machinations of one of the town's political leaders.

The book was previously adapted into a series by CBS. Developed by Brian K. Vaughn and starring Breaking Bad's Dean Norris, the show debuted in 2013 and ran for 3 seasons. It premiered to huge numbers, garnering over 11 million viewers and becoming  the most-watched summer drama premiere on any television network since 1992. After season 1, however, viewership declined significantly. Equally, despite early positive reviews, critics came to look less and less favorably on the show.

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Now, it would seem even King himself doesn't seem to look upon the series with too much fondness. Posting on Twitter, King broached the idea that Netflix should bring the series back, though he doesn't mention whether it would be a movie or a series. Rather than continue on from or retread what came before, however, it's the author's desire that the streaming service start fresh and, this time around, "actually doing the book." Check out the full post below:

Ever since 1976's Carrie, King's work is like catnip to Hollywood. Despite over 40 years of adaptations, there appears to be no signs of stopping. Following on from the Pet Sematary remake, both IT Chapter Two and Doctor Sleep are scheduled to hit theaters later this year, and the former will be releasing new footage at SDCC. The latter, meanwhile, is a sequel to The Shining and recently dropped its chilling first trailer. On the small screen, a second season of Castle Rock is currently in production and new versions of The Dark Tower and The Stand are on the way.

Adaptations of King's works have always produced mixed results; for every Shawshank Redemption there is also Secret Window. For many fans, however, Under the Dome was especially disappointing. With an intriguing premise and the equal potential for spectacle and character study, the CBS series somehow wasted all opportunities. Beyond the basic concept, the show increasingly went in its own direction, leaning into the science fiction elements that were second to the human drama and character-driven plot of the book. As such, it's easy to see why King would be pushing for a fresh adaptation.

The tense, fast-paced nature of the story would certainly be perfect for binge-watching. After all, the book takes place over little more than a week, and Netflix's commitment to letting creators tell their stories as intended would allow for a more pleasing result. It would also prove a perfect companion to a lot of the streaming service's existing output. Though they aren't directly adapted from his material, shows like Stranger Things and The Haunting of Hill House borrow heavily from the author's oeuvre. They have also had success with their own King adaptations, including Gerald's Game. Whether or not Netflix takes King up on the suggestion remains to be seen, but a new (and more faithful) version of Under the Dome would certainly fit right at home.

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