Stephen King's The Stand May Become CBS All Access Limited Series

The Stand Stephen King

Get ready for another bingeable streaming series. Stephen King's The Stand is reportedly being developed as a 10-hour limited TV series for CBS All Access.

As the author of lengthy novels like IT, Under The Dome, and Insomnia, King is known for his particularly epic books. However, at an impressive 1,334 pages, The Stand is his largest to date. It is important to remember that The Stand has actually made it onto TV before thanks to Mick Garris' 1994 miniseries. However, whereas the 1990s TV version of The Stand clock in around six hours, The New Mutants director Josh Boone and CBS are reportedly planning a much grander affair.

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Boone has been attached to the project since 2014, but according to Tracking Board, the idea has undergone a major change. While reporting on how the New Mutants reshoots were inspired by the IT movie's success last year, the site reveals that CBS has snapped up The Stand as a 10-hour limited series rather than a trilogy of movies. Coming exclusively to the CBS All Access streaming service, Boone is still tentatively set to direct the series, but he won't get the big theatrical release he had once hoped for.

The Stand CBS miniseries Stephen King

For those who don't know, King's The Stand explores an apocalyptic world ravaged by a mass outbreak of Influenza that wipes out 99% of the population in a matter of weeks. Marking the first appearance of recurring King antagonist Randall Flagg, The Stand is one of the author's most influential pieces of work. Also, in an age where the dystopian future genre is already saturated with zombies and nuclear war, The Stand is widely regarded as a very good read with its unique take on the horror of the human race's future.

Going back to the '80s, King himself had originally wanted George A. Romero to direct The Stand for theaters but it sadly never came to be. In 2011, Harry Potter director David Yates took to the idea as a three-film series, but dropped out some months after, and left the project in the hands of Ben Affleck. A pre-Batman Affleck admitted he was struggling to create a script for The Stand and the movie was again up in the air when he departed in 2014. It was here that Boone took over, but The Stand has faced yet more stumbling blocks ever since.

Boone and Warner Bros. one approached Showtime about turning The Stand into an 8-part series that would lead into a movie when it ended, but everything has since gone quiet on that front too. Now, it seems that all parties are again looking to the small screen to bring The Stand back to life and ditching the risks of a theatrical release. All Access has had a run of good with the likes of Star Trek: Discovery, so can it strike lucky again with The Stand? As the underwhelming performance of The Dark Tower recently demonstrated, confining an idea as sprawling as The Stand to a limited series might be a better idea than trying to whittle it down to fit the format of three movies, much less a single one.

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Source: Tracking Board

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