Stephen King's Revival Movie Adaptation to Star Russell Crowe

Director Josh Boone reveals that Russell Crowe is attached to star in his upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King's Revival.

Russell Crowe as Jor-El in Man of Steel

Josh Boone found success with his first movie project, Stuck in Love, which made its debut back in 2012. Following on from that, he directed the movie version of John Green's critically acclaimed YA novel, The Fault in Our Stars, which performed well at the box office. Right now, Boone is in pre-production on New Mutants, on which he takes on the role of both writer and director.

So it's fair to say he's a pretty busy guy, but Boone is also working on not one, but two film adaptations of Stephen King works. King's work has seen something of a cinematic revival this year, with the remake of It coming next year, as well as the highly anticipated Dark Tower novie. Netflix is also set to release Gerald's Game, so Boone's adaptations will fit in nicely, whenever they might arrive, that is.

It's been common knowledge for some time that one of the novels Boone is working on bringing to the big screen is The Stand, King's highly popular and exceedingly long novel that focuses on life in the U.S. after a super-flu wipes out most of the population. However, that project seems to be still in the works, but delayed, since Boone has said that his other adaptation, Revival, will be the project he focuses on after New Mutants - and he already has Russell Crowe attached to star.

In an interview with Creative Screenwriting (via BMD), Boone discusses the process behind writing the screenplay for Revival, and says that since he enjoys a good relationship with King, he just went and asked if he could take the project on:

"I was able to write it in a very pleasant bubble and we attached Russell Crowe. I plan to make that right after New Mutants."

For those not familiar, Revival is one of King's darker works (and that's saying something). It tells the story of Charles Jacobs, a small-town, much-admired preacher who loses his faith after his wife and child are killed in a car crash. He begins to experiment with the supernatural, using electrical current as a form of shock healing. Jacobs then meets up with Jamie Morton, a troubled man who first met Jacobs as a preacher. Jamie is now a heroin addict, and desperate for help. Taking full advantage of this, Jacobs forms a bond with Jamie, and the pair enter into a dark and dangerous pact.

Boone told Creative Screenwriting that he is still very much involved with the remake of The Stand, but pointed out that it's a much bigger, and more expensive, movie to make given its vast storyline - whereas Revival is a much more manageable affair. Boone also mentions that he is adapting a Clive Barker book, The Great and Secret Show, for TV, with Owen King, Stephen King's son.

All these adaptations are great news for fans of King's work, since his vast collection of writing is more than deserving of being retold on screens big and small. Revival certainly sounds intriguing, and presumably Crowe will take on the role of the preacher. It could well be a good vehicle for him, and Crowe's involvement might also give way to a star-filled cast list. However, after The Dark Tower, a decent, in-depth movie version of The Stand is what King's fans are really after, so let's hope it's not too distant on the horizon.

Release dates for Revival and The Stand are still unknown but we will keep you informed on the progress of these movies.

Source: Creative Screenwriting (via BMD)

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