Stephen King's Revival Being Adapted by Fault in Our Stars Director

Stephen King's Revival

Ever since Josh Boone hit it big in Hollywood with his 2014 adaptation of the novel The Fault in Our Stars, the young writer/director has found himself attached to a number of projects that have yet to actually begin production. The list includes projects ranging from a fresh movie adaptation of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles novels (in particular, The Vampire Lestat) to the X-Men comic book film spinoff, The New Mutants.

Possibly the biggest of Boone's still unrealized gigs involves him writing and directing a theatrical adaptation of Stephen King's gargantuan post-apocalyptic novel, The Stand. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. has taken so long to get The Stand moving that their option has run out, and the rights have reverted to CBS Films. Boone remains attached, but the project is in temporary limbo until a new studio partner can be found.

While Boone remains hopeful to one day bring his vision of The Stand to the screen, a new report from Deadline suggests that that the next entry in Boone's filmography will be an adaptation of a different King book, 2014's Revival. For those unfamiliar, Revival concerns a charismatic minister who comes to a small Maine town with an strong message of faith and family, only to see his world shattered by the tragic deaths of his wife and child in a car accident. Mad with grief, the minister renounces God and embarks on a career as a faith healer, using experimental treatments involving electrical current. To tell any more would risk spoiling the remainder of the story, but suffice to say that this is indeed a Stephen King book, and things only get darker from there.

Stephen King's Revival Book Cover

Interestingly enough, it was actually The Stand that led to Boone getting involved with Revival, as the writer/director had been submitting drafts of The Stand's script to King himself for the horror master's review and input. During a conversation between the two, Boone and King started discussing Revival, which led to Boone getting hooked up with producer Michael De Luca. Boone's script for Revival has been submitted to Universal - where De Luca has a first-look deal - but is likely to get scooped up by another studio quickly if those talks fall through. After all, Boone remains a hot commodity among industry circles, and King's material never fails to get Hollywood's attention.

While Stephen King fans might now find themselves frustrated that The Stand's movie is seemingly on the back burner again, Boone writing and directing an adaptation of a well regarded, but significantly less revered King book might actually end up being a great litmus test for the young filmmaker's ability to handle King's notoriously dense worlds and character backstories. If Revival turns out well, King fans can rest a lot easier when it comes to the question of whether Boone can successfully adapt what is arguably the author's magnum opus in The Stand.

The film adaptation of Stephen King's Revival is in early development, and has no current release date.

Source: Deadline

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