Stephen King Praises Netflix's 'Super Creepy' 1922 Adaptation

Stephen King

Stephen King is full of praise for the forthcoming Netflix adaptation of his novella 1922. The movie will be Netflix’s second King adaptation released in 2017, with their take on his dark thriller Gerald’s Game due to arrive at the end of September.

While 1922 may not be as high-profile as some of the other King adaptations arriving this year, it’s based on one of the most popular tales from his novella collection Full Dark, No Stars. It tells the twisted story of Wilfred James, a farmer who murders his unhappy wife so he can stay on his farm. The brutal deed soon comes back to haunt him, and his life falls apart in a spectacular way. The story is actually the third to be adapted from the book, following the lukewarm movies based on Big Driver and A Good Marriage.

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It looks like 1922 will break that curse, however - because in a chat with Yahoo, King showered the upcoming movie with praise, and it’s clearly something he’s excited for fans to see:

The one you want to watch for is, Netflix did an adaptation of 1922 from Full Dark, No Stars. I think that’s going to be out in October or something, and man, I saw a rough cut of that and it won’t leave my mind. That is super creepy!

Netflix's 1922 casts Thomas Jane and Molly Parker
Thomas Jane and Molly Parker are starring in 1922

It’s turning out to be a great year for fans of the author, with numerous movies and TV shows based on his work having arrived within months of each other. 2017 alone has seen The Mist and Mr. Mercedes adapted for TV, while King megafan J.J. Abrams is producing Castle Rock, a 2018 series set in the author’s fictional town. On the movie front, the long-awaited adaptation of The Dark Tower hit theaters in August, while this week's IT film adaptation is set to become a huge blockbuster.

King  himself doesn’t have much insight when it comes to this sudden wave of adaptations, seemingly putting it down to the streaming services endless need for new material:

It isn’t entirely random. I think some of it had to do with the success Hulu had with 11/22/63. That pushed, I think to some degree, Mr. Mercedes, which is on Audience Network, part of the AT&T Family. They would like to have a kind of showcase that will bring people in and make them aware, “Hey, we’re here.” So that’s part of it. And there’s a huge appetite for material on the streaming services now, so J.J. Abrams doing this show Castle Rock, which is based on some of the stories. But I think some of it is just f–king happened, I don’t know [laughs].

Whatever the cause, it looks like there will be lots of Stephen King adaptations to look forward to in the years ahead, which is no bad thing.

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1922 - which stars Thomas Jane (who previously appeared in such King adaptations as The Mist and Dreamcatcher) - hits Netflix on October 20th.

Source: Yahoo

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