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It - Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise

After several years spent trying to get the project off the ground, Warner Bros' theatrical re-adaptation of Stephen King's It finally entered production late last month. Updating the book's setting to the 1980s for the childhood portion and the present day for the adult half of the story, It 2017 faces the tall task of trying to outdo ABC's 1990 TV miniseries adaptation of the novel, often cited as one of King's best books. While few would argue that It (1990) was flawless, Tim Curry's performance as the often affably sadistic child-eating clown Pennywise has become the stuff of pop culture legend.

Directed by Andy Muschetti (Mama), It (2017) retains the basic premise and characters from both the book and miniseries, as well as the small town setting of Derry, Maine. Bill Skarsgard (Hemlock Grove) is set to take over the Pennywise role, while a new cast of kids - including Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard - set out to embody Losers' Club members Bill, Ben, Bev, Mike, Richie, Stan, and Eddie. Despite the shadow cast by the miniseries, many It devotees are hoping that the freedom of an R-rating and higher budget will enable Muschetti and company to create a more faithful rendition of King's gargantuan source material.

For those who just can't wait to get another peek behind-the-scenes of It (2017), two set videos have surfaced featuring the infamous - to book readers - house at 29 Neibolt Street. The first video sees the leper menacing a Loser (presumably Eddie) in the yard outside the house, while the second sees the Losers gathered out front waiting for Bill to ride up on his bike. You can check out both of those videos from the It set, below.

Our boy @upreelAdam did some behind the scenes reporting today on the set of #ItMovie looks like he caught The Leper chasing down Eddie!!! Make sure to repost the vid and maybe we can get a special guest from the movie on our next episode ! @andy_muschietti @jaedenwesley @jbotet @finnwolfhardofficial @jackdgrazer @billskarsgard_ @itthemovie2017 #Horror #80s #It2017 #StevenKing #Remake

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Caught The Losers Club exploring on #29NeiboltStreet today! #ItTheMovie #ItRemake #Horror #80s #TheLosersClub #StevenKing @andy_muschietti @finnwolfhardofficial @billskarsgard_ @jaedenwesley @jbotet @jackdgrazer @barbaramus @realowenteague @nicholas.hamilton @itthemovie2017

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The dilapidated dwelling played host to several key scenes in the novel, including a werewolf encounter had by Richie and Bill, and Eddie being accosted by a horrifying leper. These were of course just two additional forms taken by the shape-shifting entity lurking behind Pennywise's clown-like facade. The TV miniseries altered the werewolf bit into a solo encounter for Richie in the basement of the school, while the leper was removed entirely. From the moment a re-adaptation was announced, many King fans immediately hoped that 29 Neibolt Street would get its on-screen due this time around, and it doesn't look like Muschetti plans to disappoint in that regard.

Along those lines, one wonders just how many additional aspects of the It novel will find their way into this new theatrical take on the story. It (1990) director Tommy Lee Wallace and writer Lawrence D. Cohen have made no secret over just how much of King's prose they were forced to chop out of the miniseries for either network content standards or time constraints. While the jury is obviously still out on whether Skarsgard lives up to Curry as the titular villain, in many ways, It (2017) may ultimately end up being a much more definitive adaptation.

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It opens in U.S. theaters on September 8th, 2017.

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