10 Things Only True Stephen King Fans Noticed In SDCC It Chapter 2 Trailer

With San Diego Comic-Con 2019 winding down, it’s time to take a look back at the convention and really appreciate the trailers fans were treated to at the event. One of the trailers that fans have been talking about for days has to be It Chapter 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Stephen King film.

The second film is set in the second half of the novel’s narrative, with a now-adult Loser’s Club returning to Derry to stop Pennywise once and for all. Here are ten things true Stephen King fans saw in the latest trailer.

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10 Returning Memories

This list is set to deal a lot with the nods to the novel and the larger Stephen King universe that fans may or may not have noticed in the latest trailer, including this first one. Fans of the novel will recognize the fact that the adult Loser’s Club is returning to a fight they had mostly forgotten about.

In the novel as in this movie, the friends' reunion begins to bring back memories of the monster they vowed to return to face and the horrors that await them, just as their friend Mike hoped for when he called them.

9 Controversial Scene

One of the first shots of the trailer focuses on the first attack Pennywise inflicts, claiming his first victim. Yet surprisingly, it isn’t a child Pennywise attacks, but an already attacked adult man named Adrian Mellon. As in the book, the attack is controversial not because of the monster, but the disturbing violence Adrian encounters before Pennywise.

Adrian is a gay man who is attacked by a group of homophobic teens, showcasing a serious level of hatred and violence from the human residents of Derry. Sadly, this happened far too often in this era and is something Pennywise feeds on.

8 A Missing Loser?

Throughout the trailer, there are many scenes depicting the Loser’s Club reuniting together to face the ancient evil that is Pennywise, as well as reuniting with one another. Yet in all the scenes, there is a significant missing factor to their meetings, and that is a missing member of the Loser’s Club: Stanley.

As in the book, there is a scene depicting what appears to be Stanley falling victim by his own hand after Pennywise haunts him from beyond Derry’s borders. This plays on later in the novel when Pennywise takes on Stanley’s form to scare and guilt the friends.

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7 Continuing Love Triangle

One of the main aspects fans of both the book and the first film will be able to recognize is the growing love triangle that developed between Bill, Beverly, and Ben. While the three have been away from one another for years, it’s clear that both Bill and Ben have feelings for Beverly.

While the romance is strong between Bill and Beverly, her connection with Ben was always strong as well, especially after he sent her that poem. From the trailer, it appears that romance hasn’t changed, with Bill and Beverly growing closer while Ben harbors his feelings for her.

6 Henry Bowers Lives

One of the shocking moments of the first film was the surprise and sudden ending of Henry Bowers, the teen bully who was lured by Pennywise to become his agent of chaos. Mike shoved Henry down a sewer drain, leaving his fate unknown by the film’s end.

Yet, the trailer shows off an iconic scene for fans of the novel, as a now-adult Henry resides inside of a mental hospital after his father’s passing, and Pennywise sends a red balloon to bring Henry’s loyalty back.

5 Restaurant Reunion

One iconic scene from the novels that appears to be a big part of the latest trailer is the reunion of the Loser’s Club at a Chinese restaurant, where the group recalls fun times from their childhood as they appear to be in the midst of a memorable reunion.

Yet it isn’t until they open their fortune cookies (in the novel, at least) that the memories of the horror’s they faced come rushing back, bringing their true purpose in reuniting to the forefront as Pennywise inflicts horrific hallucinations on them all. The trailer made this scene pivotal for the tone and story.

4 Pennywise’s Backstory

One of the things hinted at greatly in both the first and second trailer for the second film in the It saga is the exploration of the creature’s backstory. While his main scary form is none other than Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the creature’s true nature is much darker than that.

In the novel, Stephen King ties the creature’s history to his long-standing universe of novels, making him an ancient creature who descended on Earth and eventually took on the form of Pennywise after seeing a clown in what is now Derry. The trailer hints at this meeting somewhat.

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3 Dark Tower Connection?

This is where the true die-hard Stephen King fans will start to come into play, as the last three things spotted or hinted at in the trailer are from deep in the SK universe. As many fans know, Stephen King’s magnum opus is none other than The Dark Tower series, where many of his other novels converge.

In the trailer, many metaphysical scenes from the novel take place, including the placement of doors. While the doors were featured in the first film, they are also a hint that, while unlikely, the film is loosely connected to The Dark Tower.

2 Maturin The Turtle

Another deep dive that could possibly be featured in the adaptation happens to be Maturin the Turtle, which, in the Stephen King universe, is one of the twelve guardians of the beams holding the Dark Tower in place. The reason Maturin could be featured is the exploration of It's backstory.

In the novel and subsequent materials, it is explained that Maturin is a creature who expelled the universe we occupy and subsequently unleashed the creature It from the void inside the Macroverse. Pennywise also claims Maturin is its brother, and Maturin aided the Loser’s in their fight against the clown.

1 Ritual of Chüd

The biggest clue at the larger Stephen King universe has to be the major weapon the Loser’s Club uses against the creature, and that is the Ritual of Chüd. This Ritual of Chüd was essentially a battle of wills psychically between the Loser’s Club and Pennywise, with the friends using their willpower to give power to pieces of silver to use as a weapon against Pennywise’s true form.

In the novel, both the first and second time they did the ritual they were aided by both Maturin and the entity known as Gan. The trailer indicates the ritual taking place.

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