Stephen Fry's Quiz Show 'Q.I.' Headed to BBC America in February

Stephen Fry Quiz Show Q.I. Head to BBC America in February

BBC America has made a name for itself by importing the best of British television to American audiences. Sure, their off hours may get filled with reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation (What? You didn't know Next Gen was an import?), but their prime time schedule is chocked full of great programming like Doctor Who, Top Gear, and The Graham Norton Show. The network has even begun creating their own original series like Copper and Orphan Black - which in particular has received exceptionally high praise.

Next, BBC America aims to bring another beloved British institution across the pond: Stephen Fry (V for Vendetta, The Hobbit) and his popular quiz show, Q.I. (short for "quite interesting"). The program will begin airing on BBC America this February, before which Fry will host the The EE British Academy Film Awards for the network.

Q.I. has been airing in the U.K. since 2003 with Fry hosting from the very beginning. Each season is themed with a letter of the alphabet and a panel of celebrity guests are then quizzed on their knowledge of a variety of subjects based around that letter. They are then rewarded with points not necessarily for correct answers, but for any answers that prove quite interesting. However they can lose points if their answers are boring, obvious, or worse a commonly accepted urban myth.

Much like the sketch-comedy game show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the points on Q.I. often don't matter, with plenty of contestants ending their episodes in the negative. The panel typically consists of British comedians, with several returning regularly over the years. Actor Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek) is the series' only permanent panelist, sitting at Fry's right-hand since the show began.

Alan Davies Stephen Fry Q.I. BBC America
'Q.I.'s Alan Davies and Stephen Fry.

When Q.I. comes to BBC America it won't be a newly Americanized version, but instead re-airings of the series beginning with Season J (2012). Back in the U.K., Q.I. is currently on to the the letter K, and presumably BBC America will continue airing seasons in succession as long as it runs overseas. Perhaps the network could even begin dipping into past seasons of Q.I. were they ever to tire of marathoning Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.

Are you at all familiar with Q.I.? Excited to hear it's coming to BBC America? Let us hear from you in the comments below!

Q.I. launches on BBC America with three back-to-back episodes starting @8pm ET on Thursday, February 19th.

Source: BBC America

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